Sunday, October 21, 2007


     Somehow we survived HOMECOMING week!! It was truly tons of fun, just very exhausting!
     Friday was a bit emotional for me...And, I don't know if that was because I was super tired (probably had a lot to do with it) or what it was.
     At our pep assembly Aaron Nickelson performed a Lone Star song, Not a Day Goes By. And, I didn't expect it, but I just started bawling because I miss Cody so much.
     I looked for Jordie in the crowd, we met eyes, and I could see how much he misses his brother, too.
     When the song ended, a couple of my cheer girls ran over to hug me. I am really lucky to work with such caring kids!
     Then we had a BLAST at the assembly(the cheerleaders looked and performed SUPER), and the parade, as always, ROCKED!!
     The game was still fun, although we lost. Senior night, half-time Homecoming activities, cheerleaders' stomp routine, etc. And, my cheerleaders surprised me with a thank you and special recognition. (Again, an emotional moment.)
     We only have one more game. I can hardly believe the season is almost over. CRAZY!
     At the end of the game, Jordie suffered a concussion. SIGH. He is thankfully doing much better today, but Friday night was a bit scary.
      Yesterday was spent getting ready for the dance (picking up the flower), dealing with wrinkles in clothes, and chauffeuring to the restauarant and dance.
      Jordie and Becca looked perfect!! They both had a yummy dinner and fun dance.
     In between all of that, we fired up the barbie at Rick's and watched Transformers, which was a great action flick that I wished we would've watched in the movie theaters!
     Now this morning I am enjoying a cup of Starbucks (Thanks to my cheer girls...they know me TOO well!), and preparing for another semi-busy week.
     SO, to recap the week for my exercise: I did go for one walk early on a rainy and dark morning. I can't believe how dark it is when I am up now!
     Eating: Not bad at all. I watched my portions. Water: Need to improve!
     Well, I am looking forward to the next couple of weeks! Although I have not been focused on my health the way I would like to be really since school started, I have maintained (and, not gained).
     There ya have it...I survived!

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