Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

     Yeah, I snuck in a walk this morning. It's so weird to walk when it is as dark as it is in the morning because it feels like I am walking at night.
     I am so excited for Halloween tonight! I know I am going to have to buy like 15 bags of candy now that I live in the trick-or-treating hot spot of Okanogan!
     I can't wait to see all the kids! When my step-daughter arrives to my house, rather than go out again, we are going to have her help hand out candy, which should be fun, too!
     I love our pumpkins! We carve ours the old school way, with no fancy patters or scoopers. We had tons of fun making them, and I love it when it's all dark and they are lit up.
     I have been thinking a lot just the past few days about fitness and diet. I need to get into somewhere and weigh, so I can figure out where I even am in that department. My clothes all fit, and are actually a bit loose, so I have a general idea of where I am.
     When we return from our trip to San Diego, I plan on notching exercise up! I am hoping I can get Cody to kick my butt!! LOL.
     So for now, stay safe and warm tonight!

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