Monday, October 1, 2007

What a weekend REALLY should be...

The above pic I took of the mirror as we were driving down the snowy road. I have this thing for reflective pics. My baby brother says that this pic looks like I am in a snow globe! As you can see, I like it so much that it is now my profile pic!

Still green with a coat of white...

Lots of snow up on Mutton Ridge on the LAST day of September!

A mirror pic, shocking, I know!

      So much too say, so little time to say it all.
     I played like a kid this past weekend. It was ABSOLUTELY wonderful. I really am proud of myself of just letting go of all the control of all the things that in reality I cannot. (Serenity)
     We had the football game on Friday night, which it was disappointing that we lost, but it was a good game. The OK boys played hard, and there small numbers in the end really made the difference.
     I am sooooo proud of those young players, my son included! What heart.
     I was also excited about something new this year for the BIG rivalry. The cheerleaders practiced together on Thursday night, and then performed together at the game.
     Kudos to Coach Andy and his girls. What an amazing show of sportsmanship on their part. Kudos to my girls. AND, KUDOS to the Okanogan fans who warmly received the Omak cheerleaders and applauded their performance with our girls.
     I am reminded over and over why I am proud to be a BULLDOG!
     On Saturday, Ricky, our friend Kirkes, and I went on the road. We knew we eventually wanted to end up in Wenatchee, but that was about it for the trip plan.
     In reality this is how it went: Chelan, hydroraces, remote control hydro races, casino, Starbucks, Wenatchee, Chinese Buffet, Lowe's (what is the deal with men and tile???), Wal*Mart (I know, I know...don't we have one of those in our own backyard?), back to Chelan, Wal*Mart (OK, 2 Wal*Marts in one night...there is a story behind it), back to Omak, to the movie theater for the LATE show (Kingdom - GREAT movie by the way), drop off Kirkes, and crash at Rick's after midnight! What a day!
     All I can really say is that we just laughed and laughed all day long. Those boys were silly, and honestly, it is one of the BEST days I have had in a LONG time!!!
     How could Sunday possibly be any better? Well, take two people out for a random drive searching for snow...that's right. We headed up to Mutton Ridge and found lots of the white stuff! We took tons of pics, as both Rick and I are budding photographers! By the way the pic at the bottom of this page, I took as well!
     Then we headed back to my house, made a fire in the fireplace (VERY nice), and I made homemade chicken noodle soup!
     I can just say that there were tons of things I SHOULD have done this weekend, but I am glad for everything that I did do.

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