Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Whatta Wednesday!

     Greetings halfway through the work week...I can't believe it is already Wednesday!! Time is just going by really fast this year, and I think it probably has a lot to do with being a coach for cheerleading.
     Just last night Rick and I were talking about my schedule, and how even though this time right now is busy, it seems so much better since I have cleared many other things off my plate. As well, we know that when cheerleading ends life will be slower, indeed.
     Really I am proud of saying NO to things and making choices of what I really want to do and what is really important to me!
     Speaking of clearing plates...I am so excited at how healthy we have been eating in the past few weeks! We are all feeling tons better and that we have more energy.
     This week our little one is not with us, so we are eating at my house, which works out nicely in the lunch leftover department.
     Last night I made yummy "fried" chicken. It tasted like fried chicken, but really it was baked. I soaked (also know in cooking terms as marinated) chicken breasts in fat free ranch dressing. Then I crushed up a bunch of cornflakes, and then rolled the chicken in those to coat them. When the chicken came out of the oven, it seriously tasted fried and very delicious :)
     SO, to go with dinner I made a superb salad. This leads us to today's lunch: Cut-up chicken in my salad. Perfect lunch!
     I have been working in a walk on most mornings, usually just for 20 minutes or so. I know I need to rev up the workout, if I want to really make this healthy eating change more positive and effective.
     I am very excited for the Okanogan vs. Omak football game this Friday! It's just so much fun to have tons of people there! And, I am impressed with the cheer coach at Omak, as we have decided to get our girls together to do some cheers. It should be tons of fun!
     Well, I am definitely enjoying my Wednesday!! Hope you are, too!

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