Monday, September 3, 2007

Giddy up!

     Greetings!! I am giddy with anticipation for tomorrow! I dearly love the first day of school, and I always have since I was a little girl. How lucky that I am to continue living that tradition!
     In addition, this year I have a kindergartner!! I am sooooo excited! It is definitely one of my favorite years of school to experience with my kids.
     Giddy up works for this weekend, too. It all started with our first football game on Friday night.
     Giddy up! We won. Jordie played an outstanding game with lots of tackles! And, the cheerleaders did great for their first game.
     For many of my girls, it was their first game cheering EVER. I had to remind them that we are a team of newbies and to not be so hard on themselves. I mean REALLY...just imagine if we were a football team with only three kids who had ever played before!
     The bottom line is that they had FUN, looked good, and I am SUPER proud of their positive attitudes and how much they have learned in such a short time. We are, no doubt, going to have a great season!
     Saturday we drove to Odessa to watch an endurance horse race! It was a totally GREAT experience! GIDDY UP!
     I think Rick might have the bug now. We both helped (also known as crewing) for a teacher friend of mine. Everyone there was so nice and friendly. We just had a super time! NEAT-O!
     I could see us going to these races. He would race, I would read a book and crew for him. Fun!
     Then Sunday we headed out on our iron horse and went over the North Cascades Highway, one of our absolutely favorite rides! We have a little place we love to go to and eat over in Marblemount.
     The ride was perfect. Good company, weather, food, scenery, thoughts, etc. Giddy up, GIDDY UP!
     I spent time off and on since last Wednesday preparing my new room for the kiddos. I am not finished, but amazingly, I am OK with that.
     The control freak in me would've spent my entire weekend making sure everything was in its place, but I am working on letting go of the little things and realizing what really matters, and ultimately letting go of the fear of being judged for not doing something.
     No, my room is not decorated. No, I am not completely unpacked (I still have MANY boxes to go through). YES, I am ready for kids. I am ready to teach. I LOVE MY JOB!!!
     Reality is that I can unpack and decorate as I can, and next year will be better and easier.
     And, really I am VERY proud of myself for giving that stress away. That's a major improvement for me. Honestly I had one of the best weekends I have had this summer, a summer of many good weekends!

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