Monday, September 17, 2007

MARVELOUS Monday, Darling!!

     To finish off a lovely weekend, I punctuated it with a MARVELOUS Monday!!Today was SUPER!
     The weekend: Friday, fun at the football game, although we lost. My Jordie had a BEAUTIFUL reception! Crazy ride home, tons of laughter :)
     Saturday our plans changed, and we stayed home. We ended up doing things on our "to do" list, and in actuality it felt good to just stay home. We have been on the go so much as of late!
     Then Sunday, Ricky went for a horeseback ride up in the mountains with a friend, and I worked on a gi-normous list I have been wanting to conquer.
     The list was 20 items long, and now only two remain. Mission definitely accomplished!!
     Cody has been writing lots, and I just love receiving his letters, and I often find myself in tears (happy) in the post office because I just can't wait to open his letters in the car!
     Today he actually sent me a shell from his recruit depot. VERY cool, and it ended up to me in one piece! He is so thoughtful.
     He also wrote our little one her very own letter! She was so excited because he even drew her a picture!! It's so funny how something that seems so little can make people so happy! She can't wait to go visit him for his graduation and go to Sea World! She keeps reminding us that we are going after Halloween! LOL
      I am anticipating and exciting day tomorrow! I will take a picture before I head to the dentist, and then after, when my teeth will look so different! This is something I have wanted to do for around twenty years now!!!
     Rather than describe what they are going to do in detail, I will just show you before and after pics tomorrow or Wednesday.
     Speaking of teeth...we had a MOMENTOUS event today!!!! Our little one lost her first ever tooth!!! She was so tickled to put it in her special tooth box that her Grandma gave to her. She actually wanted to go to bed early as she could not wait for the Tooth Fairy to visit her!
     You know what??? Our babies give such meaning to our lives. If we can all just remember the simple pleasures, we can have a MARVELOUS Monday every Monday!!!

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