Monday, September 24, 2007

ANOTHER marvelous Monday!!

     Life is starting to fall into a comfortable pattern and routine. And, I am very thankful for that!
     We had a busy and relaxed weekend. I know that's an oxymoron of sorts, busy relaxed. But, it's the best way to describe it!
     Friday was football! We lost by a heartbreaking point. However, it was VERY nice to finally play a home game.
     The cheerleaders did a good job, and I am proud of their debut in front of a home crowd.
     Saturday we headed to the soccer game, which was a complete blow-out. Go Dawgs! But, it was fun to hang with the cheerleaders, and watch our talented athletes.
     Then, Jordie left for Wenatchee and to his dad's for the Seahawk game, so we just did little things here and there.
     You know...some chores, painting fingernails and toenails, grading papers, watching movies, running errands, etc.
     Right now I am at my house enjoying lunch. It's so great to be able to buzz home, grab a bite, and blog.
     I am also glad that we are starting to find balance and routine between our two houses. That was a bit crazy for a bit. And, of course, now that we are comfortable, it may not be too long before we change again :)
     Jordie will be home today, Yeah! We have dinner planned, and Prison Break is on, so it's all good!
     We have been working hard on planning very healthy meals, as Rick is pre-diabetic. So, the nice result of that is that I have definitely lost some weight in the past two weeks! My BIG pants are TOO big! LOL.
     Well, that's all for now...happy Monday to you!

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