Thursday, September 13, 2007

Good Morning!

     Hey! I did not go for a walk this morning, and actually I set the alarm for 30 minutes later than normal, and I feel like I have extra energy this morning.
     I plan on waking at my normal time tomorrow and walking, but I was just feeling a little droopy last night and like I might be trying to get sick.
     Knock on wood! So far this new school year I have had not had any sniffles or cold creeping in. I have only had a little allergy stuff happening.
     I don't know if the not getting sick (I always do the first or second week of school) is related to exercising in the mornings or eating well or because I was with kids a couple of days a week all summer.
     But, when last night I felt a small tickle in my throat, you know the feeling, I just figured I would take it a little bit easier to hopefully not catch a cold.
     I do have a busy weekend ahead of me, so I am going to try to go to bed really early tonight, right around the time our little one does!
     The other thing I need to focus on is water!!! I need to drink lots of water and I know that helps to flush out the icky stuff, too.
     Tomorrow night we already have our third football game! I can hardly believe it!
     Then Saturday we are headed over to Seattle. We are going to go check out Emerald Downs and see the horseracing. I am REALLY excited.
     We will crash at my sister's house, and then shop a little on Sunday before heading home!
     Well, I am outta here for the day! Keep smilin'!!!!!

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