Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Geez Louise!

     Wowser! GEEZ LOUISE, it has been far too long since I last blogged. I cannot believe how busy I have been!!
     I have gone for morning walks this week, so that is GOOD! That is really part of the reason that I have not been blogging...walk or blog in the morning?!
     Then at night time, I have just been pooped out! Plus, I have been somewhat busy at night even.
     School is starting to settle into a routine, and I will be glad when EVERYTHING is in its place!
     Cheerleading has been a good time! My step-daughter just LOVES everything about it, but especially the girls :)
     The fair ROCKED this year!! We were there on Saturday from 12-8:30!!!! I kid you not.
     What a fun day of family, friends, and food (ahem). Then we went back on Sunday from 12-5!
     I especially loved the horseracing, and my favorite race was the Pony Express race on both days.
     Yes, last weekend was a whirlwind. Friday night we had a football game in Liberty Bell (and my little one came with us on the bus), then we had a sleepover at my house, then off to Chelan so Jordie could meet up with his dad to go to the Seahawks game on Sunday, then off to the fair all day.
     We finished our Deadwood series on Saturday was depressing that it is over. I wish they would keep making that show!
     Sunday morning we did take it easy and just relax and then headed off to the fair.
     I did NOT eat healthy at the fair, but I am OK with that. I also did a ton of walking there!
     Last night we went on a date to the movie to see the new western. It was OK, pretty predictable, I thought, but fun to go out without the kiddos. I ate popcorn and Junior Mints for dinner.
     I can hardly believe that it is already Wednesday evening!! And, this shaping up to be another busy, but fun, weekend! I will keep ya posted!
     Have a SUPER day!!!

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