Saturday, December 31, 2011

Eve of the Eve!

Yesterday was a good day :))Hard to believe it was the last Friday of 2011!!!!

I did drink over 100 ounces, and it seemed easy, cheesy! Must be because I got up early and did some exercise. Speaking of doing exercise...I didn't do as much as I should have or wanted to do, for that matter. I had all these good intentions of doing one of my videos when we got home, but...I didn't! SO, that's definitely a good reminder to me that I NEED to exercise in the morning before I get going!

I also bought some 5 pound dumbbells yesterday :) WOO HOO!! I am looking forward to sculpting my arms, and seeing some results by tank top time!

I did some more cooking, and boy oh boy, the freezer is packed, and my life will be SO MUCH simpler during January! I used to do massive monthly cooking way back when, and I know how much easier things are when I do this kind of prepping.

So here's the skinny:

Calories OUT= 106 for 15 minutes of jumping, 310 jumps
Calories IN = 1080
Net Calories = 974

Coffee – ff milk, sf peppermint – 100

Sweet potato chips – 170- I LOVE LOVE LOVE these things :)
English muffin- 140
Strawberry jelly-50

Angel Hair pasta- 100-I decided that I don't really like the consistency of Angel Hair pasta!!!
Sauce- 150
Breadstick – 110
½ apple-50

2 cookies – 100? Homemade chocolate chip cookies, and I took smaller ones :))
Milk - 110

I'm a little worried about tomorrow's weigh-in. I haven't decided for sure, but I might have a couple of drinks tonight :)) And, I know that TOM is lurking around the corner...SIGH. Gonna go for a BIG run today to end off 2011!!!!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

GREAT quote :)

Weight Watchers has a new program geared for guys...Lose Like A Man! Anyhow, there is a guy named Kevin, a coal miner, who has a GREAT commercial, and I LOVE this line in particular:

Seriously, if you lose enough weight to where you have to buy new underwear, you’ve lost weight!

LOVE it! I can relate :)))

His video is the first one under Charles Barkley's :)


Today was a GREAT day :)) LOTS accomplished!

I drank all my water! YEAH, that's two days in a row!! WOO HOO :)

I exercised TWICE today...not once, ladies and gentlemen, but TWO TIMES! Yesireee.

I was a crazy cook today. I did a bunch of prep work for meals for January, which will be a busy month for me since it's the play!! I browned 8 pounds of beef, and put it in 2 pound bags in the freezer. I made a DELISH cabbage stew in the crockpot today. I am going to crockpot a bunch of chicken tomorrow, so I have it ready for several meals :) And, I bought a ham for $10!! Plus, I have stew meat and carne asada all ready to go, too! I am going to prep veggies tomorrow (for the stew and for snacks), so I REALLY feel ready for January! OH! And, I hard boiled 3 dozen eggs. So, I will make some egg salad for sandwiches, as well as we just like to eat HB eggs as snacks.

What went in...

Coffee- 12 ounces of sf/ff- 90

Tuna fish with Miracle Whip - 80
Onion bun -150
Sweet potato chips – 170- I LOVE THESE THINGS!!!!!!

Cabbage soup- pork sausage, cabbage, tomatoes, mushrooms, V8, chicken broth, onions,(250) topped with croutons(30), sour cream (40) and cheese (110) - total- 430

almond granola bar - 160

Net CALORIES = 410

Run -3.1 miles – 34 minutes – 385 --first off, I decided to run the 5K route that I did back on October 1st. This was tougher than I expected!! I did great on the beginning which is flat, and then I made it half-way up the hill, when I finally decided that I could probably walk faster than I was "jogging" at that point! So, I walked half-way up the hill. Then I was able to jog until I got to Seattle Street, which I walked up, and then I jogged the rest of the way! I ended up with just under 11 minutes a mile! My goal is to be under 30 minutes (even if it's 29.57) next October. I was still really proud of myself :))

Open Gym- 40 minutes of play - 285 - I went to open gym, and I had a blast! I did the Hula hoop. I shot baskets and dribbled, and I also hit around a tennis ball against the wall. That was fun because it reminded me of how much I LOVE racquetball!! UGH. If the gym membership wasn't so dang expensive (especially when I have access to a free gym), and if I had a reliable RB partner, I would be SO tempted to join. Maybe I will do that in February, when the play is over.

Well, today was a good day!! I am excited for tomorrow :))))

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tuesday and Wednesday!!

This has been such a great break, that I have lost track of days!! I keep thinking it's a different day than it is!

I am feeling my run in my quads today, OH LORDY! I ran farther than I normally do, and more downhill than normal, so I can DEFINITELY feel it in my thighs today :)) I also bought a really cool arm band for my i-pod! I am so excited to use it tomorrow :) And, Ricky bought me some really good headphones that work well for when I am running!! They don't move!! So, I have my gadgets all set for my next run! Which...I am thinking about running the 5K course tomorrow morning! I should be able to run the whole thing, which I did not do during the race back on October 1st.

So, here's how things looked yesterday and today.


½ sandwich-45 for meat, 35 for LC cheese, bread 110- 190
Cottage cheese- 100

Cottage cheese – 100

Homemade ravioli with sauce- 300

Berry smoothie – 150

CALORIES OUT- 4 miles jogging!! – 850
Net calories = 10


Coffee – 30
Vita top muffin -100 – yummy!! I have never had one, and I tried the banana nut one, and it was DELISH :)

½ sandwich-45 for meat, 35 for LC cheese, bread 110- 190

Ff/sf white choc sf hazelnut -75- didn’t drink it all
17 sweet potato chips-170-OMGawsh, SO YUMMY!!!!

Salmon burger - 120
LC cheese - 35
Onion bun – 150

2 candy cane Hershey kisses- 48

CALORIES OUT = 297- The Firm workout :)
Net calories = 630

Today I drank enough water! Cool beans! Yesterday, I did not :( But, I am on one day in a row :) LOL!

I am pretty excited because I have planned out MANY meals for January. I did all the shopping, which OF COURSE I saved big!! I had a savings of 45%!!!! WOO HOO!!! And, I found a super cool deal!!! I ended up buying $9.99 cookie jars for 99 cents!!!! I LOVE IT WHEN CHRISTMAS is over!!! And, I even picked up a few birthday presents for our little one at KILLER deals :) (Her b-day isn't even until May!)


I just realized I didn't blog yesterday! I was totally into a book I am reading :) And, I also didn't feel so hot yesterday :( I had a weird episode when I was sleeping. Some time really early on Tuesday (I didn't look at the clock), I woke up with a racing heart. It freaked me out. I haven't been sleeping all that well, because my tooth hurts. Anyhow, I ended up sleeping in yesterday and then taking a two hour nap in the early afternoon. I did feel much better after that!!

I did go for a jog yesterday, and it was actually one of my best ever! I jogged down to Rick's job (4 miles from our house), and it was awesome, lots of downhill! It was sprinkling, and it was dark when I headed out--which I realized too late that I was wearing dark clothes...DUH! But, it was a good run. The best one yet!!

Let's see what else did I want to write about? OH YEAH...I have had a couple of people badger me about what I am doing. They truly don't believe I am just exercising and being as healthy as I can be. FOR REAL. NOTHING ELSE. NO DIET. NO TRICKS.

I haven't blogged exactly what I have eaten for a few days. I can tell you this...the ONLY reason I didn't gain weight this last week is the extra exercise!! I did eat whatever I wanted, and here is just a glimpse. THOUGH I must say that I ate whatever I wanted, but I didn't how much of whatever I wanted that I normally might have back in the day. SO, I didn't have three helpings of prime rib.

Christmas time food consumed by me:
prime rib
slice of cheesecake - skinny slice, but scrumptious!
sugar cookies - I had two a day!!! Glad they are gone :)
tiramsu- again a small slice
a fried egg and some bacon

Also, during this break I ate:
some pizza from Papa Murphys
and a wee bit of some nachos went we went bowling--finished off our little one's leftovers :)

The bizarre thing to me...I went to the show twice, and I didn't want anything but water, and I didn't feel left out while my loved ones chomped down on the popcorn next to me. And, truly, if I had WANTED some, I would have eaten some.

I haven't eaten as much fruit and veggies as I should over break. And, I am struggling to drink my water quota. BUT, I am not overeating and snacking all day. I AM exercising. And, I am planning out what I will be doing this next month. I didn't have as big of a loss as I would've liked this past week, BUT I DIDN'T GAIN either! I am honest, and what you read is what you get.

I also find it amusing that people thing I am doing some quick diet scheme.'s been six months. THAT doesn't feel quick to me. It feels nice and steady, and I WILL WIN THIS RACE!!!

Finally to close out this rant...I think it's strange when people say, "You are so pretty since you have lost weight." REALLY?!? Part of me thinks that's so lame...I am the same person I have always been, but I realize that some of me was covered up in fat. I do feel guilty that it bothers me when people say that--I have had TWO people say this to me in the last two weeks--because I catch myself saying the same thing when I watch the Biggest Loser. When you see the end results show, compared to the beginning pictures, some of those people are SMOKING HOT! But, I wouldn't have said that about them when I first saw them on the first episode. Hmmmm...

BTW, later today I will be back to posting my food :)) I actually recorded yesterday's, too!

Monday, December 26, 2011


I have had one of the best Christmas holidays ever! The ONLY thing to have made it better...if Cody and his wife would have been home. But, I will be seeing them in April!!

So far I have worked out every single day this break EXCEPT Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve was actually our Christmas. Anywho, I had planned on either dancing to our new Wii game, or doing some other sort of exercise, but my tooth pain was OUT OF CONTROL. So, once the little one was dropped off, I slept.

But, I did work out yesterday and today! I am really proud of my exercise this break :))) I have also been eating well, though indulging some...sugar cookies :))

I did lose .2 this week.
So last week, 198.
This week 197.8.
Not a huge drop, but a drop nonetheless!!! And, I can't explain it, but I feel smaller. I feel stronger!

So, I am half-way through my break. We go back to school a week from tomorrow! Here's my list so far:
I have two weeks off, and I have some stuff I wanna do :))

1) Clean/organize our extra bedroom to set-up as an exercise and sewing room!(Still gotta do this one...this week!)I have several exercise goals!!

2) Ice skating - we have a date already with a group of friends! (Going this Friday!! WOO HOO)
3) Cross-country skiing- going tomorrow! This means so much to me :) I used to go ALL the time, and I have only gone once since I have lived here :( I am going with a big group of friends tomorrow, and I have my own stuff!! So glad I could find it all!I DID GO once already!! Gonna try and squeeze in one more!
4) Downhill skiing- I used to do this all the time, too. I am going to take our little one for a lesson, and to see if she likes it!! This one is not looking so promising because of the lack of snow!
5) Bowling- at least twice...we have two different bowling dates already set-up! We went bowlling on Thursday, and we are going later this week :) FUN!
6) Volleyball- We have a date set-up to have an open gym, and we are going to have a volleyball game as part of the activities!!

7) Sleigh ride- I REALLY want to go for a sleigh ride in Leavenworth! We used to do this every year back in the days that I lived there! NOT sure if this is going to happen...

8) Read two books- I have 6 next to my bed, and a gazillion on my Kindle! Finished one, half-way through another :)

9) Cook a new recipe - I could technically count making homemade ravioli!!!! But, I will try out a different new recipe :) GOTTA bunch of cooking planned for this week!

10) Start and finish at least one craft project I have bookmarked on Pinterest!! STILL need to get this going...I do have a plan!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday!! YIPPIE :)

It's our Christmas Eve, and tomorrow is our Christmas morning because then our little one has to go to her other house. We have had a really fun week with her!! I love vacations :)))

I am VERY proud of me for working out every single day of this break so far!! I am not sure how tomorrow will go...I take that back, I am guessing I will be doing some Wii dancing!! Tee hee! Since someone will be getting a new country dancing Wii game :)

I did have TWO compliments today :) Two different people mentioned to me how small I was looking. And, in particular that my legs were looking so much smaller :)))) YES!!!

Next week I plan to amp up my exercise even a bit more! Stay tuned!

Goals for today...
Water I am at 60 ounces so far, but it's only 3 p.m.
Exercise--just finished the DCC video that I LOVE!! And, I burned 250 calories :)Have I mentioned that I exercise in 80 DEGREES??!??!

Calories in = I will report later...
Calories out = 250
Net Calories =

What I have eaten so far today:
16 ounce ff, sf white choc, sf gingerbread – 100

Pure Organic Cheery cashew bar – 200 – ON SALE at Safeway!!OH MY GAWSH I love these bars :)))

Mandarin orange- 45

2 sugar cookies – 200- These things are so yummy, and I will be glad when they are gone! They are the most sugar I have eaten in months!!

We are having a ham dinner tonight. We will have our Christmas breakfast --bacon, eggs, waffles, homemade cinnamon rolls-- tomorrow. Then we will have ham dinner leftovers tomorrow, and then on Christmas we are going to down to Rick's cousin's house and having a prime rib dinner!! ZOIKS!! Gotta keep myself on track!

I am also excited that we are going to be physical on New Year's Eve this year :)) YEAH! Lots of plans for next week! I will blog away later. LOVE TO YOU ALL <3

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thursday- a good day, indeed!

Water- CHECK!
Exercise- CHECK! Another 40 minutes :)
Calories - UM, a little under...but, to be fair, my tooth is very sore, and I don't really feel like eating much at all.

Today was a FUN day :) We made homemade sugar cookies- gingerbread men, Christmas trees and snowflakes! Then we got ready and went with our friends bowling and then to see the new Chipmunk movie! FUN day for sure!!

My moving today...
I did The Firm video, which I did burn a few more calories than when I did it two days ago. I did try harder today :)) I increased my intensity by adding in the hops! Plus, I do workout in 80 degree weather, inside my house...343 calories.

I also wore my HRM when we went bowling. First, I bowled a 138 and a 147, not too shabby for the fact that I haven't bowled in forever!! Altogether, I burned 298 calories in one hour of bowling. NOT TOO BAD :)

Calories IN = 885
Calories OUT = 641
Net Calories = 244

What did I eat today?

coffee with creamer - 30
mandarin orange - 45

shrimp - 110

2 sugar cookies- YUP! Not one, but TWO :)))- 200

Nachos - I had a couple bites at the bowling alley.- 150

1 piece of leftover pizza - 350

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Starvation Mode?

I have been VERY interested in the right amount of calories to eat. Part of my problem is that often I am not hungry, and I will have a hard time eating 1000 calories a day, much less 1200, which seems to be the magical number. And, I don't want to eat just to eat so many calories a day. I have been trying to listen to my body and eat when I am hungry or eat because I need energy and nourishment.

I do try to eat healthy, though I will snack on things I want, too. But, for the most part, I eat lots of fruits and veggies were fill you up, and protein, same thing!

I have found some REALLY fascinating studies regarding the whole starvation mode. And, one thing they reminded me is that my doctor did say I needed to be taking a multi-vitamin, so I need to get on that!!

I liked this article because of all of its external links to research. FASCINATING stuff, I tell ya! I also found this article interesting, though the writer obviously has some different circumstances than I do. So, what is your take on this?

Do you ever have one of those days??

For some reason I kept thinking all day today that it was Thursday! I guess my time is all whack-o! started out with some suspense. I had figured out the answer to a radio contest, and I was hoping to win the trip to Hawaii, but in the end, someone else called in before me,though I did have the correct answer :( Dang it all!! That would have been cool.

I did have a massage this morning. HEAVENLY. My massage therapist hadn't seen me in over a month, and she gushed about how good I look :))) YEAH!!! Then I also finished up shopping--just have one more thing to get. So, that's done!

I decided ZUMBA was calling my name this morning, so I did my Zumba early :) Yahoo!!
It was just as much fun as I remember!!

Water - yes! FINALLY!!
Exercise - another 45 minutes today!!
Calories- close...

Calories IN = 935.8
Calories OUT = 338
NET calories = 597.8

Today's menu:

coffee with creamer - 30

egg nog latte- 12 ounces- 200

leftover swiss chicken-150

1 slice of Cowboy pizza from Papa Murphy's - 336.8
2 slices of cheesy bread- 219

My tooth is really bothering me :( My dentist called in a prescription though, so hopefully that will hold me over until I can get in. Since the tooth is a back molar, I have to go to a specialist in Wenatchee, and he can't get me in until almost the end of January :( BUT, my dentist said that the medicine should help substantially! HOPE SO! It's making me not want to eat!


I had a great TUESDAY :)))

Water- 80 ounces.I find it so hard to drink more water when I am home all the time. I don't know what the deal is. Plus, it probably doesn't help that I have to get a root canal, so I have a SUPER sensitive tooth right now :(

Exercise- I have been averaging 45 minutes of exercise a day over my break! WOO hoo :)))

Calories- YUP!

Calories in = 1480 with guessing on the sandwich at lunch
Calories out = 327 - 40 minutes of The Firm! That's a kick butt video!!
Net calories = 1153

What I ate...
coffee with creamer - 30
pretzel thins-110
chipotle ranch dip - 100

The Oroville - a yummy veggie sandwich on a French roll at the Breadline. I did eat the homemade potato chips, too! *Not sure on the calories?? 400?
FF mocha- 200

shrimp- our little one LOVES shrimp!- 200
sushi- 6 pieces- 240
sweet potato fries - 200

We had a fun day of girl time! Lunch and shopping :) Presents are wrapped! And, we played tons of Wii! GOOD day indeed.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

HOLY mack-a-dack!!

I decided to take measurements today :))

So, here's what they look like:
Hips- 45
Waist – 36
Chest – 43
Thighs – 22
Calves- 14.5- Really liking how these are looking right now! I have not taken these before, but MAN OH MAN, I can see such a difference with all the running :)
Arms- 13

Let's compare to back in July...
Hips- 52 inches
Waist- 46 inches
Chest- 49 inches
Thighs-24 inches

Now a little math :)
Loss of inches =
Hips- 7 inches
Waist - 10 inches?!?!?! WHOA!
Chest- 6 inches
Thighs- 2 inches
Arms are the same since my first measurement of them in August, BUT, they are more defined!

For a grand total of 25 inches off my body :))))))) Talk about feeling a little extra pep in my step today!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Roller coaster day.................

Water- yes! Easy to do with the cross-country adventure!
Food- no...just not hungry :(
Exercise- 2 hours today!!! 120 minutes, WOO HOO!

2 things checked off the list of Trisha's Targets today!
1) Cross-country skiing
2) new recipe- OH MY GAWSH!! I made swiss chicken in the crockpot, and it was to die for YUMMY!!!

Calories in = 893
Calories out = 989
Net calories = -96

coffee with creamer - 30
poached egg with green tabasco -WHAT WOULD I DO WITHOUT MY HOT SAUCE?!? I love green, red, and even chipotle! - 71

I have found a new fruit bar that I love even more than the Orchard Fruit Bars with which I was all obsessed. SO yummy, organic, and I can't wait to try the brownie one!!
PURE bar- apple cinnamon bar - 200

ff, sf white choc, pumpkin 12 ounce latte- 120
chocolate covered espresso bean - 7

carrots - 15
1/2 apple - 40
swiss chicken (chicken breast, cream of mushroom soup, slice of swiss cheese, stuffing) - 380
peppermint patty - 30

It was a good day as far as my health goes :)

BUT, a sad day for my heart :(( When I returned from cross-country skiing, I came home to find out that we were putting our dog down :(( It was so sad. She definitely was suffering, and it was her time, but it doesn't make it easier. Telling our little one SUCKED :( She just wanted me to rock and rock and rock her. Then we got our pictures out, and told funny stories, and it was much better. The other three dogs are acting weird. They miss her, too. I know it's all the circle of life, but it's tough. Seeing my honey cry, that was so sad. He's such a strong man...I love him so much. GOOD-BYE Suzie Q. You were an INCREDIBLE dog, and we will miss you :(

A love I had forgotten...

989 calories burned today when I went CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING!!! It was so beautiful up on the Loup; the sun was shining, there was no wind, and it was sparkly and quiet :)) I forgot how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE cross-country skiing! It smelled clean and pine-like. It was crazy that it was so gorgeous up there, because down in town it was all fogged in and gloomy looking.

I KNOW I am going to be feeling it tomorrow!! My quads, biceps, triceps, and shoulders!! Altogether we skied 5.4 miles :) It was warm, so I was just in a couple of layers of clothing. And, boy I was sweating!!

I was surprised at how easy it was to get back into the swing of things! It has been so long since I had gone. I wasn't gung-ho about the trail because even though it was groomed, it didn't have the tracks that make it so much easier to ski. That will come when more snow does! The good news...I didn't fall! Everyone else that went had a tumble, but I managed to keep up, though I had a couple of close calls.

I am so glad that I went today :) Not only is it killer calorie burner, but I LOVE it!! Can't wait to go again :) Maybe I will try one more time this break...

Incredible shrinking woman!!!!

Last week:199.2
Today: 198
That's a 1.2 loss! AND, that's with two parties and a dinner with friends!!!!
I still smile that the scale does not say 200 anymore :)))
That's 46 pounds on this journey. I would LOVE to lose 4 pounds (I just lost 4.8 this past two weeks) by the end of the year...making it a nice 50 for 2011!!! Got some motivation!!!

I am so proud of myself for losing weight during this crazy time of the year! Truly it cements that this is a life change. It's all about eating what I want, when I want, but not being OUT OF CONTROL and keeping up the exercise and water consumption.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Trisha's Top Ten Targets!

I have two weeks off, and I have some stuff I wanna do :))

1) Clean/organize our extra bedroom to set-up as an exercise and sewing room!

I have several exercise goals!!

2) Ice skating - we have a date already with a group of friends!
3) Cross-country skiing- going tomorrow! This means so much to me :) I used to go ALL the time, and I have only gone once since I have lived here :( I am going with a big group of friends tomorrow, and I have my own stuff!! So glad I could find it all!
4) Downhill skiing- I used to do this all the time, too. I am going to take our little one for a lesson, and to see if she likes it!!
5) Bowling- at least twice...we have two different bowling dates already set-up!
6) Volleyball- We have a date set-up to have an open gym, and we are going to have a volleyball game as part of the activities!!

7) Sleigh ride- I REALLY want to go for a sleigh ride in Leavenworth! We used to do this every year back in the days that I lived there!

8) Read two books- I have 6 next to my bed, and a gazillion on my Kindle!
9) Cook a new recipe - I could technically count making homemade ravioli!!!! But, I will try out a different new recipe :)
10) Start and finish at least one craft project I have bookmarked on Pinterest!!


I was thinking about doing my The Firm dvd again today (I am TOTALLY sore today!!), but in the end I did go for a run/jog/walk instead. The sunshine was calling me!!!

SO, up on the flats it was windy :( Cold and windy. I played around with turning around and going back home to exercise inside. In the end, I decided to stick it out.

A couple of observations:

  • I do much better if I am chewing gum!!

  • I need to buy smaller exercise pants, and pants that can tie at the waist!

  • I need to NOT wear a cotton shirt. I sweat like crazy, and it was COLD on the last bit on the way home.

  • I LOVE my i-pod and my HRM.

  • I need to wear sunglasses on a day like today! HOLY smokes it was so bright!!! And, the glare of the sun on the wet road...zoiks!

So, as I got going, I decided that rather than jog for a long time, I would go for speed and time. I jogged/ran 2 straight miles in 21 minutes or 10 minutes 30 seconds each mile!! THAT's the best I have ever done :))) Then, I decided to walk as fast as I could up Robinson Canyon. It normally takes me 10 minutes, but today I did it in 8 minutes and 3o seconds!!! Freaking amazing!!! I am so proud of myself. I burned 636 calories!! WHAT a workout :)) This has become my Sunday ritual, and I LOVE it! I don't know what I'm going to do when the weather doesn't cooperate anymore??!! At least if winter does show up, it won't be for long!

I am so stoked that I didn't decide to not run or give up and turn around. Instead I rocked it!!!

READY for this break!

OK, so I didn't meet my exercise goals for this last week. I am TOTALLY all over that this next two weeks :))

Here are my health goals for the week:
1) Drink at least 100 ounces of water.
2) Eat at least 1000 calories.
3) Exercise EVERY day!!
4) Run/Jog/Walk at least 5 miles.

A post or two or three wrapped up in one!

It's been a busy but FUN weekend!! So, I have three days worth of blogging to catch up! I survived a dinner with friends, and two other parties!!! CRAZY, but fun :)))

Fri -
Water - yes!
Calories-guessing 1000, at least
Exercise - nope

Water - yes!
Calories - again, guessing 1000, at least
Exercise - 45 minutes of an awesome aerobics dvd. It mixed aerobics and strength training and even kickboxing! I used soup cans for my weights during the weight training segments. So, that makes 80 of 180 minutes.

Water- yes!
Calories- nope, not 1000
Exercise - My 5-mile walk/run and stretching - 70 minutes- 150 of 180 minutes. SO, I didn't make my goal for the week.

OK, so what I ate:
Friday- It was an EGGCELLENT day!
Poached egg - 71
Small- couple o f bits of egg/sausage breakfast - our annual Christmas breakfast at school!
Egg nog latte-12 ounce - 350

Chocolate chip cookie-homemade! OMGAWSH to die for homemade!! I ate one, and I gave the other one away because I knew FOR sure I would
Veggie burger - 90

1 piece of garlic bread
1 blueberry beer

Saturday -
Coffee with creamer – 30

6 cracked pepper crackers – 120
1 ounce of cheese – 110
1 small piece of homemade sausage- ?

pretzel thins
chipotle ranch
3 chicken wings
Puppy chow
2 apricot ale beers

Sunday -
Coffee with creamer – 40

egg nog latte-12 ounces - 350
Pummelo - maybe a fourth of one. YUMMY :) - 72
1 hershey kiss candy cane – 24

3 homemade ravioli (ground beef with spinach) with homemade spaghetti sauce- to die for delicious!!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Only one more wake-up, and I am on BREAK!!!

It's been another awesome day! I started it off reading my students' projects. WOW! I have such talented and creative kids!!!! I was bawling, as I was reading the writings of their hearts. I AM SO LUCKY to have the best job on the planet. I truly love my students!!

They were also giving me all sorts of little gifts today :) So sweet! And, we got to wear PJs at school today! SO COMFY :)) I even bought a new pair of super cute blue winter PJs with penguins on them. LOVIN' it!

Here we go!


Water- over 140 ounces!

Exercise- 15 minute walk. That makes 35 of 180 minutes! Gonna be a lot of working out this weekend :))

Calories - 713 calories - not 1000. I don't know what to do. I am just hungry, and it feels like I have to force myself to eat to get to 1000. Need to talk to a friend of mine who is a nutritionist...maybe I will eat a bigger breakfast! And, the thing is that I could eat something extra or like dessert or something, but I just don't want anything.

Calories in- 713

Calories out-125

Net Calories- 588

What I ate today...

egg- poached in the microwave with green Tabasco! I love my little, cheap, quick microwave poacher! - 71
chocolate covered espresso bean - 7

coffee (extra at school)-100

veggie burger-70
laughing cow cheese- 35
mandarin orange - 45

cheeseburger pie- 250
chocolate covered cashews - 50


Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I am blogging for two days right now! I didn't blog yesterday. I was busy grading papers and making a tutu!!! I need to make another tutu tomorrow! It's a week of tutus!!! Tee hee :))

Good things are happening, and I feel like it's all the positive energy I have been sending out into the universe :) You can check out what has happened lately on my thankful blog!

So goals first:
Over 100 ounces of water both yesterday and today!
NO working out yesterday or today. So, I have 20/180 for the week.
At least 1000 calories on both days! YEAH

Food on Monday
Pumpkin smoothie- I figured out how to make it even better by freezing my pumpkin, and then I didn't have to use any ice! 85
coffee- 70

tuna- 70
2 rice cakes- 70
Laughing Cow cheese- 35
carrots - 15
chex mix - 100 - small snack bag

stuffed green pepper - 400
fruit salad - 200

TOTAL -1045

Food on Tuesday--
egg - poached in the microwave- with green tabasco sauce- 71 YUMMY!!!!!!
coffee- 70
chocolate espresso bean - 7

tuna- 70
carrots - 15
Laughing Cow cheese - 35

peppermint patty - 30

veggie delight from Subway - 460
fruit salad - 200
chex mix - 100

TOTAL = 1058

Monday, December 12, 2011


Today was a good day :) It's going to be a fast and fun week! We start with dress-ups tomorrow!!!

120 ounces of water
20 minute walk in the beautiful, crisp sunshine this afternoon---so that's 20 of 180 minutes for the week.
not 1000 calories :( ---- geez, back in the day, I couldn't imagine eating less than 1000 calories. Now some days, it's truly a struggle to get them in. I am not hungry, and I am not feeling like I am missing out on anything.

Calories in -
pumpkin smoothie - 95
coffee- 70

extra coffee - 70 - a surprise from one of my former students :))

mandarin orange - 35
turkey - 45
string cheese - 60
carrots - 15
pretzel thins - 50
L.C. cheese - 35

bean soup - 350- just a guess...
cheese - 110

Calories in - 935
Calories out - 150
Net - 785

There ya have it!

Today's weigh-in!! THE 6TH MONTH MARK!!!!

Mid-June 244.
Last week 202.8.
That's 3.6 pounds this week :)))))
Or 44.8 pounds since Mid-June, which happens to be 18.36% WOW :))))

Sunday, December 11, 2011

This week's GOALS!

My goals this week:
1) Eat at least 1000 calories a day!
2) Drink at least 100 ounces of water a day!
3) Exercise 180 minutes for the week (3 hours total) that seems doable!


Let me first start by saying...that I now weigh under 200 pounds. I will NEVER again be in the 200s. NEVER. I can't remember when it was that I was under 200 pounds. I think it was when I first met Rick, so that would be 8 years ago this month!! This is such a huge deal to me. I can't believe that in mid-June I almost weight 250 pounds!!! WOW. No gimmicks, no drops, no dieting...just being healthy :))

I have so much to talk about today...

I had THE best run I have ever had :) I jogged/ran 3 straight miles before stopping to walk, and basically that was just stopping to walk up the KILLER HILL up Robinson Canyon. I ran 3 miles in 32 minutes!! That is the best I have ever done :) That's 10:39 per mile!!! It was awesome :)))

I almost didn't go running because it was so cold--right at 30 degrees. But, I read a great blog , which also had a great link to the Runner's World "What Should I Wear Tool":) I wore what it told me, and I WAS PERFECT on the entire walk/jog/run :)) And, once again I can say that I run much better when I have gum in my mouth! I also LOVE my i-pod, and it makes running so much easier. I am going to look into downloading a running play list. Of course, the other thing I love is my HRM!

OK, so a quick recap on Saturday and today:

Goals first!

Water - I only drank 60 ounces, so NO :(
Exercise - 30 minutes of walking!
Calories - Not totally sure because I don't know exactly how much crab I ate.

Calories in-??? Maybe 1000?
16 ounce coffee- 90
Veggies and fruit – carrots, cauliflower, honey dew melon at the Princess Party-200 calories?
CRAB-3 ounces = 94 calories- who knows how much. It really is hard to guess because you work and work and work and usually get only a little bit, LOL! Seriously, I did have some huge chunks of fresh crab, YUMMY! NO butter whatsoever.
1 cup of baked beans
1 slice of garlic bread
Hard cherry cider- 8 ounces - YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!

Calories out - 150 calories. PLUS, this does not count 5 hours of the Princess Party getting ready and running it :)) That HAD to be some serious calorie burning!!
Net Calories - Guessing around 850.

Water - YUP, I have already drank 100 ounces!
Exercise - KICKED BUTT!
Calories - Not sure if I will make it to 1000 today.

CALORIES IN- maybe 800?
Starbucks 16 ounce, FF, SF choc, SF Hazelnut - 90
handful of nuts - 100
Gonna have Ricky's soup tonight for dinner ;))) Not sure on the calories!

670 - from my walk/jog/run today!! WOO hoo :))

NET Calories - around 130 or so.

I am excited for my official weigh-in tomorrow! There ya have it!!!!!!!!!! Hope your weekend was AMAZING :))

Friday, December 9, 2011


Today was a good day :) I love Fridays!!!! Yes, I do.

After school today I decided to do a lot of walking to gather signatures for the Get Lit passport in Okanogan. It was fun seeing lots of friends and checking out some places I have never been before. It was cold, but that just made me walk faster :) Maybe I will win a prize--there are three, and several of the people told me that I was the only person for whom they have signed a passport! That could be good news come Monday!! We will see. What a fun way to exercise, though! I also stopped at several places and dropped off my little coupons for the free ham drawing!! FEELING LUCKY!!!

Busy weekend ahead, and I am super excited for the Princess Party tomorrow, and after that we are going to the all-you-can-eat crab feed, with an auction following. It's cool because it's a fundraiser for the fair, AND, we are going with our best friends! GOOD TIMES!

Water = 140 ounces!
Exercise- YUP!
Calories -YUP YUP!

Calories out- not sure...I walked for about 30 minutes total.
Calories in- 1182

Cottage cheese – 100
Coffee – 70

Pumpkin latte – 150
Tortilla – 50
Meat – 50
Cheese -50
Tomatoes, cabbage – 25
1 mandarin orange - 37
Peas – 25
L.C. cheese – 35

Chocolate covered cashews – 50

Rice, broccoli, meat – 350

Chips – 150
Salsa – 40


And, there ya have it :)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursday already?! ZOIKS!!

I started the day off with a headache. Pretty sure it was sinus, or maybe allergy-related. I was reading an article about how allergies can be terrible in the winter, and all sorts of reasons why!

I did two nice things for me today :) I just painted my toenails bright blue, and they look so pretty!! I also purchased a new duvet cover for our down comforter, and it came today. I got a KILLER deal, and it's on our bed right now, SO pretty, but still manly, too. I love my princess bed, and it's nice that it is western looking, too, because it fits Ricky, too!

Today I drove my mother-in-law to Wenatchee for a medical procedure. We had a great drive! We talked the whole way, and we are working hard on a cool project for in the spring :) I CAN'T WAIT!!!

I was really proud of myself because I brought all sorts of healthy snacks, and lots of water for the trip. She didn't feel well afterwards, so there was not temptation to go eat somewhere that wasn't good for us. I had already determined that I would make healthy choices, but in the end, I didn't even have to make a choice!

It was a good day, and a change of pace. I accomplished several things I needed to do, while I was waiting for her.

143 ounces of water
15 minutes of walking
Ate enough calories!

Calories IN- 1221
Calories OUT = 132
Net calories = 1089

Banana 110
Coffee , ff, sf choc /sf gingerbread- 70

Grapes 110
Peas – 35

Fruit bar-190

Chips (18) – 225
Salsa – 20
2 small tortillas-100
Cabbage- 20
Cheese- ¼ cup – 110
3 ounces ground beef - 231

So, today was a GOOD day :)) I hope your day was, too! And, even better...tomorrow is FRIDAY!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It never gets old!

So, today I had a person tell me for the first time what a great job I am doing, and how good I look! It was awesome, and totally unexpected :)) When I walked away, I seriously felt like I had a little pep in my step!

Today was the second PSYCHO day this week!!! I had a meeting that started at 7 a.m.! I love being organized, and I had several people comment about how much they appreciated how organized I am. YEAH :)

So, after that I taught for the day, had to prepare for sub plans for tomorrow, ran drama rehearsal--MAN, those kids are awesome, then scooted home, made dinner, and then back to school to work on preparing for the Princess Party. EGADS!Running, running,, I am exhausted right now.

Tomorrow I have to go to Wenatchee. I am going to pack lots of healthy snacks :)

Here's my take for the day...

140 ounces of water!
20 minute walk with my step-daughter after school before drama rehearsal started, and I carried a moderately heavy box to the post office to mail!
I didn't eat enough calories :(

oatmeal with brown sugar - 90
coffee- ff, sf choc, sf gingerbread - 70

veggie burger - different brand-100
L.C. cheese- 35
carrots - 20
Mandarin oranges x 2- 74

cookie - 200
4 chocolate covered cashews- 50

I tried a new "slim pasta" made out of tofu, it was OK. - 40 calories (for the entire bag)
spaghetti sauce - 50
meat - 100

double hot chocolate and mint whip cream- 60

Calories IN -889
Calories OUT- 132
Net calories = 757

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Feeling tired right now...

Must be the side effects of the busy yesterday, but I feel tired right now!

Anyhoot, I had a GREAT day! Lots of fun stuff happening :)

CALORIES in= 1000
Calories out =0 - That's right, I didn't exercise today :(
Net calories = 1000

1) 140 ounces of water, check
2) calories, right on the dot, check
3) no exercise today...not even 15 minutes! It's OK.

What I ate:

1/4 cup oatmeal- 75
1 tsp of brown sugar - 15
12 ounces - FF milk, SF white choc, SF gingerbread- 70

veggie burger- 90
celery- 10
L.C. Cheese- 35
2 small Mandarin oranges - 74

carrots - 10
applesauce - 50

shrimp(12 ounces)- 336
sweet potato fries - 160
BBQ sauce- 40

hot chocolate-20
mint whip cream - 15 me :)

I have this weird thing that has been happening to me lately...
It's that time of the year, where treats are around.

What's interesting to me is that I haven't wanted any of it and that is kind of surprising to me. I am normally a sweet girl. Is this how healthy people feel? I mean I did have a bite of a brownie yesterday, but I have been offered tons of stuff, lots of homemade stuff, and I have easily said no, and not felt like I was missing out. It doesn't even feel like willpower, as much of that I just don't want it.

I hope I am not going to jinx it, but I am super happy that it feels this easy :))

Monday, December 5, 2011

Another pound closer...

Last week 204.
This week 202.8!
So, that's 1.2 pounds this week :) AND, that includes TOM!!!

I love weighing in on Mondays! It keeps me super focused!!! And, it starts my week off on the right foot.

I KNOW that I will be under 200 before 2011 is over!! HOW COOL IS THAT?

Today was like a perfect storm, as far as BUSY goes, but it was fun! After school, we had drama rehearsal, 4-H, Girl Scouts, and the family reading night at the elementary school. BOY howdy! It feels good to be relaxing right now.

On a MAJOR upside...I had a two people comment on my jeans today, YEAH! Then at the Reading Night I saw several parents I have not seen in some time, and so I had three different people ask me about how much weight I have lost!!! Woo hoo!

A couple of things to share...
I had a doctor's visit last month, a much needed one. Well, in addition to having my thyroid checked (normal for me a couple of times a year because I have to take medicine for it, and they need to keep it regulated.), my doctor decided to check some other things, too. EVERYTHING looked great, but what was REALLY cool was seeing the difference between the tests in 2008 and now in 2011 (I hadn't had all those other functions--liver, calcium, glucose, etc. checked in 3 years)! Talk about what being healthy can do for you...I LOVE looking at the numbers!

Also, I discovered the Ziploc XS bowl,which is perfect for 100 calorie snacks! I love it...easy portion control :) It even gives you a list of healthy eating ideas! It's one of my new favorite things, and, OF COURSE, I bought them with a coupon, and they were on sale!

I really do love using these and Ziploc snack bags for portion control. I am able to get my veggies and other things all ready and in the fridge, EASY to grab :)

Calories IN today =
1/4 cup oatmeal with 1 tsp of brown sugar - 90
12 ounces ff milk, sf white choc, pumpkin - 70

veggie burger- 90
LC cheese -35
2 small mandarin - 74
1 small pasta salad (using my xs Ziploc storage container)- 100

bite of brownie - ? guessing 45, it was a very small bite, so it was most likely less
mini-rice krispy treat - 45 (like a bite-size)

pork chop- 3 ounces - 181
potato - 75
BBQ sauce - 40
pasta salad - 200


Calories OUT = 15 minute walk today. That was ALL I had time for. And, I did try to get up early again, and again my phone turned itself off :( I am going to have to use the regular alarm clock to make sure that I get up! I didn't wear my HRM when I walked, but I am going to guess it was about 125 calories.

Gonna keep my goals the same this week:
1) Drink 100 ounces of water a day.
2) 15 minutes of some sort of exercise.
3) Eat at least 1000 calories a day!
4) Get a jog/walk in and reach 3 consecutive miles jogging.

So, with those in mind for the week, I can check off 1-3 for today!! Even this busy day!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Catch up time! MEGA blog

I had a FABULOUS weekend :)))) Filled with family, friends, and FUN!!

I didn't blog this weekend, so I am doing a mega blog right here.

THE BIGGEST HIGHLIGHT BY FAR FOR ME???? I just about started bawling in the dressing room at Wal*Mart. Why? Because I tried on size 17 and size 15 jeans from the Juniors section. OMGAWSH! They totally fit, and I even wore them!! I also bought size 16 jeans in the normal know where they have size 2,4,6,8,10,12,14. YUP, and it only goes to 16--no 18 or 20. I can't wear the 16W that you find over in the bigger lady section anymore because they are too big. WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I am so happy :)))

Friday update:
120 ounces of water
Made the calories
Didn’t exercise :( I had planned on getting up early in the morning, but then my phone turned itself off...this is NOT the first time it has done that, GRRRR. But, maybe the universe felt I needed more sleep!

Oatmeal-70 brown sugar – 20- 90

Veggie burger-90
Laughing cow cheese- 35
Grapes – 100
Banana - 110
Coffee - 75
Chocolate covered cashews-50

Pizza – 500- bbq chicken - YUMMY! I haven't had pizza in so long. I did look around for quite some time in the frozen section. I wanted to make a semi-good decision. I knew that I could eat HALF of the pizza I bought for 500 calories.

Total Calories IN =1135

Saturday started a little lazy, which was AWESOME! But, it also started with TOM and nasty, yucky cramps :((( that woke me up REALLY early. Once I got those under control, I just couldn't go back to sleep, so I had some really nice quiet alone time, and I decided to look at things on the bright side, and I also accomplished a lot with my yearbook--so cool that it's all online! After the mellow morning, then it went into busy mode! LOL! But, we got lots of Christmas stuff done, and we had a lovely dinner at our friends' home, and played lots of games!! The priceless moment for me...watching these big men playing Slap Jack with our little one!! FUNNY stuff :) We had fun playing Yahtzee, 31, War and Slap Jack!

Coffee with creamer- 40
Starbucks 12 ounce ff peppermint mocha – 100
Fruit bar- 200
Egg nog milkshake- 12 ounce – 420, 1 ounce = 45 not sure if this calorie count includes whip cream or not, as it didn't say online, and I chose no whip cream, and I didn’t like it, gave it to Ricky

We went to dinner at our friends' house, and I didn't write down and figure out the calories, but I did write down everything I ate!
Pre-dinner I had 385 calories

Chips and homemade salsa
Pasta salad- 2 bowls!!! veggie pasta, ff Italian dressing, carrots, pickles, onions, olives.
slice of cheese
sandwich thin
Lettuce, tomato, onion,

Some sort of frozen fruit dessert- yummy :)

I did NOT exercise on Saturday (that's two days in a row):(( Unless you count LOTS of shopping and all that includes! We did lots of walking downtown and uptown, too!

Calories- guessing over 1000!
Water - CHECK! 120 ounces
Exercise - Shopping? Otherwise, NOPE :(

Sunday UPDATE:
Water-100 ounces
Exercise - YES!
1000 calories -YUP :)

coffee with creamer - 40
pasta salad- 1 bowl - not sure on the calories...250?

chocolate milk - 150- recoup from my run!

almonds- 100

pot roast- 286 - 6 ounces
BBQ sauce - 30
potatoes - 68
carrots- 15
piece of garlic toast - 130

CALORIES OUT = 631!!!!!!!!! I LOVE my heart rate monitor!!! AND, I had THE best workout ever today :)

Awesome walk/jog! I jogged 2.3 miles in a row, and I averaged 11 minutes 30 seconds for that! I walked a bit, and then jogged another .2, so that I jogged a total of 2.5. I finished with a walk up Robinson Canyon. In the end, my total was 5 miles in 1 hour and 10 minutes. IT WAS AWESOME AND BEAUTIFUL outside, and I rocked the jog!!! I am getting so much better :))) After my jog/walk, I truly FELT SO ALIVE!!!!

There ya have it folks, and despite TOM, I am still excited to weigh-in tomorrow! And, for any negative person out there HATER, who wants to pick at me, and say that I am dieting and this won't last, you OBVIOUSLY don't read and understand my blog!! Or, anyone who is annoyed with my positive energy and CHOICE to be thankful and to look for the good in every single situation,even the ones that are not perfect...well, my results speak for themselves! I am living LIFE :))) Better yet, I AM LOVING LIFE,and it's loving me back!!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Twice-a-day :)

Goals for today, REACHED!
Exercise- twice for a total of 27 minutes.
Water- hold on to your seat, 160 ounces!
1000- almost...Maybe I will eat an apple before bed, and then I would be there.

I started this morning off with exercise! WAHOO! It wasn't very long, but it was fun :) I did the Denise Austin 12 minute cardio workout. She has a dvd set up with six different 12-minute workouts, and you do a different one each day. I burned 102 calories in the workout, so that was awesome :) And, I just had tons of energy for the day!

I just finished the day with a 15 minutes of jumproping!
Another 125 calories burned.

Calories out = 227
Calories in= 966
NET Calories = 739

Breakfast bar-90
coffee- ff, sf white choc, sf gingerbread-70
4 chocolate covered cashews - 25

tortilla- 68
honey mustard- 20
lunch meat- 60
celery - 10
Laughing Cow French onion- 35

2 tortillas - 136
cheese- 100
ground spicy pork-3 ounces - 252
cabbage- 25

hot chocolate - 20
gingerbread marshmallows - 30