Sunday, December 18, 2011

A post or two or three wrapped up in one!

It's been a busy but FUN weekend!! So, I have three days worth of blogging to catch up! I survived a dinner with friends, and two other parties!!! CRAZY, but fun :)))

Fri -
Water - yes!
Calories-guessing 1000, at least
Exercise - nope

Water - yes!
Calories - again, guessing 1000, at least
Exercise - 45 minutes of an awesome aerobics dvd. It mixed aerobics and strength training and even kickboxing! I used soup cans for my weights during the weight training segments. So, that makes 80 of 180 minutes.

Water- yes!
Calories- nope, not 1000
Exercise - My 5-mile walk/run and stretching - 70 minutes- 150 of 180 minutes. SO, I didn't make my goal for the week.

OK, so what I ate:
Friday- It was an EGGCELLENT day!
Poached egg - 71
Small- couple o f bits of egg/sausage breakfast - our annual Christmas breakfast at school!
Egg nog latte-12 ounce - 350

Chocolate chip cookie-homemade! OMGAWSH to die for homemade!! I ate one, and I gave the other one away because I knew FOR sure I would
Veggie burger - 90

1 piece of garlic bread
1 blueberry beer

Saturday -
Coffee with creamer – 30

6 cracked pepper crackers – 120
1 ounce of cheese – 110
1 small piece of homemade sausage- ?

pretzel thins
chipotle ranch
3 chicken wings
Puppy chow
2 apricot ale beers

Sunday -
Coffee with creamer – 40

egg nog latte-12 ounces - 350
Pummelo - maybe a fourth of one. YUMMY :) - 72
1 hershey kiss candy cane – 24

3 homemade ravioli (ground beef with spinach) with homemade spaghetti sauce- to die for delicious!!!!

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