Thursday, December 15, 2011

Only one more wake-up, and I am on BREAK!!!

It's been another awesome day! I started it off reading my students' projects. WOW! I have such talented and creative kids!!!! I was bawling, as I was reading the writings of their hearts. I AM SO LUCKY to have the best job on the planet. I truly love my students!!

They were also giving me all sorts of little gifts today :) So sweet! And, we got to wear PJs at school today! SO COMFY :)) I even bought a new pair of super cute blue winter PJs with penguins on them. LOVIN' it!

Here we go!


Water- over 140 ounces!

Exercise- 15 minute walk. That makes 35 of 180 minutes! Gonna be a lot of working out this weekend :))

Calories - 713 calories - not 1000. I don't know what to do. I am just hungry, and it feels like I have to force myself to eat to get to 1000. Need to talk to a friend of mine who is a nutritionist...maybe I will eat a bigger breakfast! And, the thing is that I could eat something extra or like dessert or something, but I just don't want anything.

Calories in- 713

Calories out-125

Net Calories- 588

What I ate today...

egg- poached in the microwave with green Tabasco! I love my little, cheap, quick microwave poacher! - 71
chocolate covered espresso bean - 7

coffee (extra at school)-100

veggie burger-70
laughing cow cheese- 35
mandarin orange - 45

cheeseburger pie- 250
chocolate covered cashews - 50


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