Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I had a great TUESDAY :)))

Water- 80 ounces.I find it so hard to drink more water when I am home all the time. I don't know what the deal is. Plus, it probably doesn't help that I have to get a root canal, so I have a SUPER sensitive tooth right now :(

Exercise- I have been averaging 45 minutes of exercise a day over my break! WOO hoo :)))

Calories- YUP!

Calories in = 1480 with guessing on the sandwich at lunch
Calories out = 327 - 40 minutes of The Firm! That's a kick butt video!!
Net calories = 1153

What I ate...
coffee with creamer - 30
pretzel thins-110
chipotle ranch dip - 100

The Oroville - a yummy veggie sandwich on a French roll at the Breadline. I did eat the homemade potato chips, too! *Not sure on the calories?? 400?
FF mocha- 200

shrimp- our little one LOVES shrimp!- 200
sushi- 6 pieces- 240
sweet potato fries - 200

We had a fun day of girl time! Lunch and shopping :) Presents are wrapped! And, we played tons of Wii! GOOD day indeed.

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