Monday, December 5, 2011

Another pound closer...

Last week 204.
This week 202.8!
So, that's 1.2 pounds this week :) AND, that includes TOM!!!

I love weighing in on Mondays! It keeps me super focused!!! And, it starts my week off on the right foot.

I KNOW that I will be under 200 before 2011 is over!! HOW COOL IS THAT?

Today was like a perfect storm, as far as BUSY goes, but it was fun! After school, we had drama rehearsal, 4-H, Girl Scouts, and the family reading night at the elementary school. BOY howdy! It feels good to be relaxing right now.

On a MAJOR upside...I had a two people comment on my jeans today, YEAH! Then at the Reading Night I saw several parents I have not seen in some time, and so I had three different people ask me about how much weight I have lost!!! Woo hoo!

A couple of things to share...
I had a doctor's visit last month, a much needed one. Well, in addition to having my thyroid checked (normal for me a couple of times a year because I have to take medicine for it, and they need to keep it regulated.), my doctor decided to check some other things, too. EVERYTHING looked great, but what was REALLY cool was seeing the difference between the tests in 2008 and now in 2011 (I hadn't had all those other functions--liver, calcium, glucose, etc. checked in 3 years)! Talk about what being healthy can do for you...I LOVE looking at the numbers!

Also, I discovered the Ziploc XS bowl,which is perfect for 100 calorie snacks! I love it...easy portion control :) It even gives you a list of healthy eating ideas! It's one of my new favorite things, and, OF COURSE, I bought them with a coupon, and they were on sale!

I really do love using these and Ziploc snack bags for portion control. I am able to get my veggies and other things all ready and in the fridge, EASY to grab :)

Calories IN today =
1/4 cup oatmeal with 1 tsp of brown sugar - 90
12 ounces ff milk, sf white choc, pumpkin - 70

veggie burger- 90
LC cheese -35
2 small mandarin - 74
1 small pasta salad (using my xs Ziploc storage container)- 100

bite of brownie - ? guessing 45, it was a very small bite, so it was most likely less
mini-rice krispy treat - 45 (like a bite-size)

pork chop- 3 ounces - 181
potato - 75
BBQ sauce - 40
pasta salad - 200


Calories OUT = 15 minute walk today. That was ALL I had time for. And, I did try to get up early again, and again my phone turned itself off :( I am going to have to use the regular alarm clock to make sure that I get up! I didn't wear my HRM when I walked, but I am going to guess it was about 125 calories.

Gonna keep my goals the same this week:
1) Drink 100 ounces of water a day.
2) 15 minutes of some sort of exercise.
3) Eat at least 1000 calories a day!
4) Get a jog/walk in and reach 3 consecutive miles jogging.

So, with those in mind for the week, I can check off 1-3 for today!! Even this busy day!

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