Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I am blogging for two days right now! I didn't blog yesterday. I was busy grading papers and making a tutu!!! I need to make another tutu tomorrow! It's a week of tutus!!! Tee hee :))

Good things are happening, and I feel like it's all the positive energy I have been sending out into the universe :) You can check out what has happened lately on my thankful blog!

So goals first:
Over 100 ounces of water both yesterday and today!
NO working out yesterday or today. So, I have 20/180 for the week.
At least 1000 calories on both days! YEAH

Food on Monday
Pumpkin smoothie- I figured out how to make it even better by freezing my pumpkin, and then I didn't have to use any ice! 85
coffee- 70

tuna- 70
2 rice cakes- 70
Laughing Cow cheese- 35
carrots - 15
chex mix - 100 - small snack bag

stuffed green pepper - 400
fruit salad - 200

TOTAL -1045

Food on Tuesday--
egg - poached in the microwave- with green tabasco sauce- 71 YUMMY!!!!!!
coffee- 70
chocolate espresso bean - 7

tuna- 70
carrots - 15
Laughing Cow cheese - 35

peppermint patty - 30

veggie delight from Subway - 460
fruit salad - 200
chex mix - 100

TOTAL = 1058

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