Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Do you ever have one of those days??

For some reason I kept thinking all day today that it was Thursday! I guess my time is all whack-o! started out with some suspense. I had figured out the answer to a radio contest, and I was hoping to win the trip to Hawaii, but in the end, someone else called in before me,though I did have the correct answer :( Dang it all!! That would have been cool.

I did have a massage this morning. HEAVENLY. My massage therapist hadn't seen me in over a month, and she gushed about how good I look :))) YEAH!!! Then I also finished up shopping--just have one more thing to get. So, that's done!

I decided ZUMBA was calling my name this morning, so I did my Zumba early :) Yahoo!!
It was just as much fun as I remember!!

Water - yes! FINALLY!!
Exercise - another 45 minutes today!!
Calories- close...

Calories IN = 935.8
Calories OUT = 338
NET calories = 597.8

Today's menu:

coffee with creamer - 30

egg nog latte- 12 ounces- 200

leftover swiss chicken-150

1 slice of Cowboy pizza from Papa Murphy's - 336.8
2 slices of cheesy bread- 219

My tooth is really bothering me :( My dentist called in a prescription though, so hopefully that will hold me over until I can get in. Since the tooth is a back molar, I have to go to a specialist in Wenatchee, and he can't get me in until almost the end of January :( BUT, my dentist said that the medicine should help substantially! HOPE SO! It's making me not want to eat!

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