Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It never gets old!

So, today I had a person tell me for the first time what a great job I am doing, and how good I look! It was awesome, and totally unexpected :)) When I walked away, I seriously felt like I had a little pep in my step!

Today was the second PSYCHO day this week!!! I had a meeting that started at 7 a.m.! I love being organized, and I had several people comment about how much they appreciated how organized I am. YEAH :)

So, after that I taught for the day, had to prepare for sub plans for tomorrow, ran drama rehearsal--MAN, those kids are awesome, then scooted home, made dinner, and then back to school to work on preparing for the Princess Party. EGADS!Running, running,, I am exhausted right now.

Tomorrow I have to go to Wenatchee. I am going to pack lots of healthy snacks :)

Here's my take for the day...

140 ounces of water!
20 minute walk with my step-daughter after school before drama rehearsal started, and I carried a moderately heavy box to the post office to mail!
I didn't eat enough calories :(

oatmeal with brown sugar - 90
coffee- ff, sf choc, sf gingerbread - 70

veggie burger - different brand-100
L.C. cheese- 35
carrots - 20
Mandarin oranges x 2- 74

cookie - 200
4 chocolate covered cashews- 50

I tried a new "slim pasta" made out of tofu, it was OK. - 40 calories (for the entire bag)
spaghetti sauce - 50
meat - 100

double hot chocolate and mint whip cream- 60

Calories IN -889
Calories OUT- 132
Net calories = 757

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