Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday!! YIPPIE :)

It's our Christmas Eve, and tomorrow is our Christmas morning because then our little one has to go to her other house. We have had a really fun week with her!! I love vacations :)))

I am VERY proud of me for working out every single day of this break so far!! I am not sure how tomorrow will go...I take that back, I am guessing I will be doing some Wii dancing!! Tee hee! Since someone will be getting a new country dancing Wii game :)

I did have TWO compliments today :) Two different people mentioned to me how small I was looking. And, in particular that my legs were looking so much smaller :)))) YES!!!

Next week I plan to amp up my exercise even a bit more! Stay tuned!

Goals for today...
Water I am at 60 ounces so far, but it's only 3 p.m.
Exercise--just finished the DCC video that I LOVE!! And, I burned 250 calories :)Have I mentioned that I exercise in 80 DEGREES??!??!

Calories in = I will report later...
Calories out = 250
Net Calories =

What I have eaten so far today:
16 ounce ff, sf white choc, sf gingerbread – 100

Pure Organic Cheery cashew bar – 200 – ON SALE at Safeway!!OH MY GAWSH I love these bars :)))

Mandarin orange- 45

2 sugar cookies – 200- These things are so yummy, and I will be glad when they are gone! They are the most sugar I have eaten in months!!

We are having a ham dinner tonight. We will have our Christmas breakfast --bacon, eggs, waffles, homemade cinnamon rolls-- tomorrow. Then we will have ham dinner leftovers tomorrow, and then on Christmas we are going to down to Rick's cousin's house and having a prime rib dinner!! ZOIKS!! Gotta keep myself on track!

I am also excited that we are going to be physical on New Year's Eve this year :)) YEAH! Lots of plans for next week! I will blog away later. LOVE TO YOU ALL <3

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