Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tuesday and Wednesday!!

This has been such a great break, that I have lost track of days!! I keep thinking it's a different day than it is!

I am feeling my run in my quads today, OH LORDY! I ran farther than I normally do, and more downhill than normal, so I can DEFINITELY feel it in my thighs today :)) I also bought a really cool arm band for my i-pod! I am so excited to use it tomorrow :) And, Ricky bought me some really good headphones that work well for when I am running!! They don't move!! So, I have my gadgets all set for my next run! Which...I am thinking about running the 5K course tomorrow morning! I should be able to run the whole thing, which I did not do during the race back on October 1st.

So, here's how things looked yesterday and today.


½ sandwich-45 for meat, 35 for LC cheese, bread 110- 190
Cottage cheese- 100

Cottage cheese – 100

Homemade ravioli with sauce- 300

Berry smoothie – 150

CALORIES OUT- 4 miles jogging!! – 850
Net calories = 10


Coffee – 30
Vita top muffin -100 – yummy!! I have never had one, and I tried the banana nut one, and it was DELISH :)

½ sandwich-45 for meat, 35 for LC cheese, bread 110- 190

Ff/sf white choc sf hazelnut -75- didn’t drink it all
17 sweet potato chips-170-OMGawsh, SO YUMMY!!!!

Salmon burger - 120
LC cheese - 35
Onion bun – 150

2 candy cane Hershey kisses- 48

CALORIES OUT = 297- The Firm workout :)
Net calories = 630

Today I drank enough water! Cool beans! Yesterday, I did not :( But, I am on one day in a row :) LOL!

I am pretty excited because I have planned out MANY meals for January. I did all the shopping, which OF COURSE I saved big!! I had a savings of 45%!!!! WOO HOO!!! And, I found a super cool deal!!! I ended up buying $9.99 cookie jars for 99 cents!!!! I LOVE IT WHEN CHRISTMAS is over!!! And, I even picked up a few birthday presents for our little one at KILLER deals :) (Her b-day isn't even until May!)

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