Sunday, December 4, 2011

Catch up time! MEGA blog

I had a FABULOUS weekend :)))) Filled with family, friends, and FUN!!

I didn't blog this weekend, so I am doing a mega blog right here.

THE BIGGEST HIGHLIGHT BY FAR FOR ME???? I just about started bawling in the dressing room at Wal*Mart. Why? Because I tried on size 17 and size 15 jeans from the Juniors section. OMGAWSH! They totally fit, and I even wore them!! I also bought size 16 jeans in the normal know where they have size 2,4,6,8,10,12,14. YUP, and it only goes to 16--no 18 or 20. I can't wear the 16W that you find over in the bigger lady section anymore because they are too big. WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I am so happy :)))

Friday update:
120 ounces of water
Made the calories
Didn’t exercise :( I had planned on getting up early in the morning, but then my phone turned itself off...this is NOT the first time it has done that, GRRRR. But, maybe the universe felt I needed more sleep!

Oatmeal-70 brown sugar – 20- 90

Veggie burger-90
Laughing cow cheese- 35
Grapes – 100
Banana - 110
Coffee - 75
Chocolate covered cashews-50

Pizza – 500- bbq chicken - YUMMY! I haven't had pizza in so long. I did look around for quite some time in the frozen section. I wanted to make a semi-good decision. I knew that I could eat HALF of the pizza I bought for 500 calories.

Total Calories IN =1135

Saturday started a little lazy, which was AWESOME! But, it also started with TOM and nasty, yucky cramps :((( that woke me up REALLY early. Once I got those under control, I just couldn't go back to sleep, so I had some really nice quiet alone time, and I decided to look at things on the bright side, and I also accomplished a lot with my yearbook--so cool that it's all online! After the mellow morning, then it went into busy mode! LOL! But, we got lots of Christmas stuff done, and we had a lovely dinner at our friends' home, and played lots of games!! The priceless moment for me...watching these big men playing Slap Jack with our little one!! FUNNY stuff :) We had fun playing Yahtzee, 31, War and Slap Jack!

Coffee with creamer- 40
Starbucks 12 ounce ff peppermint mocha – 100
Fruit bar- 200
Egg nog milkshake- 12 ounce – 420, 1 ounce = 45 not sure if this calorie count includes whip cream or not, as it didn't say online, and I chose no whip cream, and I didn’t like it, gave it to Ricky

We went to dinner at our friends' house, and I didn't write down and figure out the calories, but I did write down everything I ate!
Pre-dinner I had 385 calories

Chips and homemade salsa
Pasta salad- 2 bowls!!! veggie pasta, ff Italian dressing, carrots, pickles, onions, olives.
slice of cheese
sandwich thin
Lettuce, tomato, onion,

Some sort of frozen fruit dessert- yummy :)

I did NOT exercise on Saturday (that's two days in a row):(( Unless you count LOTS of shopping and all that includes! We did lots of walking downtown and uptown, too!

Calories- guessing over 1000!
Water - CHECK! 120 ounces
Exercise - Shopping? Otherwise, NOPE :(

Sunday UPDATE:
Water-100 ounces
Exercise - YES!
1000 calories -YUP :)

coffee with creamer - 40
pasta salad- 1 bowl - not sure on the calories...250?

chocolate milk - 150- recoup from my run!

almonds- 100

pot roast- 286 - 6 ounces
BBQ sauce - 30
potatoes - 68
carrots- 15
piece of garlic toast - 130

CALORIES OUT = 631!!!!!!!!! I LOVE my heart rate monitor!!! AND, I had THE best workout ever today :)

Awesome walk/jog! I jogged 2.3 miles in a row, and I averaged 11 minutes 30 seconds for that! I walked a bit, and then jogged another .2, so that I jogged a total of 2.5. I finished with a walk up Robinson Canyon. In the end, my total was 5 miles in 1 hour and 10 minutes. IT WAS AWESOME AND BEAUTIFUL outside, and I rocked the jog!!! I am getting so much better :))) After my jog/walk, I truly FELT SO ALIVE!!!!

There ya have it folks, and despite TOM, I am still excited to weigh-in tomorrow! And, for any negative person out there HATER, who wants to pick at me, and say that I am dieting and this won't last, you OBVIOUSLY don't read and understand my blog!! Or, anyone who is annoyed with my positive energy and CHOICE to be thankful and to look for the good in every single situation,even the ones that are not perfect...well, my results speak for themselves! I am living LIFE :))) Better yet, I AM LOVING LIFE,and it's loving me back!!!

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