Tuesday, December 20, 2011

HOLY mack-a-dack!!

I decided to take measurements today :))

So, here's what they look like:
Hips- 45
Waist – 36
Chest – 43
Thighs – 22
Calves- 14.5- Really liking how these are looking right now! I have not taken these before, but MAN OH MAN, I can see such a difference with all the running :)
Arms- 13

Let's compare to back in July...
Hips- 52 inches
Waist- 46 inches
Chest- 49 inches
Thighs-24 inches

Now a little math :)
Loss of inches =
Hips- 7 inches
Waist - 10 inches?!?!?! WHOA!
Chest- 6 inches
Thighs- 2 inches
Arms are the same since my first measurement of them in August, BUT, they are more defined!

For a grand total of 25 inches off my body :))))))) Talk about feeling a little extra pep in my step today!

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