Sunday, December 18, 2011

Trisha's Top Ten Targets!

I have two weeks off, and I have some stuff I wanna do :))

1) Clean/organize our extra bedroom to set-up as an exercise and sewing room!

I have several exercise goals!!

2) Ice skating - we have a date already with a group of friends!
3) Cross-country skiing- going tomorrow! This means so much to me :) I used to go ALL the time, and I have only gone once since I have lived here :( I am going with a big group of friends tomorrow, and I have my own stuff!! So glad I could find it all!
4) Downhill skiing- I used to do this all the time, too. I am going to take our little one for a lesson, and to see if she likes it!!
5) Bowling- at least twice...we have two different bowling dates already set-up!
6) Volleyball- We have a date set-up to have an open gym, and we are going to have a volleyball game as part of the activities!!

7) Sleigh ride- I REALLY want to go for a sleigh ride in Leavenworth! We used to do this every year back in the days that I lived there!

8) Read two books- I have 6 next to my bed, and a gazillion on my Kindle!
9) Cook a new recipe - I could technically count making homemade ravioli!!!! But, I will try out a different new recipe :)
10) Start and finish at least one craft project I have bookmarked on Pinterest!!

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