Saturday, December 31, 2011

Eve of the Eve!

Yesterday was a good day :))Hard to believe it was the last Friday of 2011!!!!

I did drink over 100 ounces, and it seemed easy, cheesy! Must be because I got up early and did some exercise. Speaking of doing exercise...I didn't do as much as I should have or wanted to do, for that matter. I had all these good intentions of doing one of my videos when we got home, but...I didn't! SO, that's definitely a good reminder to me that I NEED to exercise in the morning before I get going!

I also bought some 5 pound dumbbells yesterday :) WOO HOO!! I am looking forward to sculpting my arms, and seeing some results by tank top time!

I did some more cooking, and boy oh boy, the freezer is packed, and my life will be SO MUCH simpler during January! I used to do massive monthly cooking way back when, and I know how much easier things are when I do this kind of prepping.

So here's the skinny:

Calories OUT= 106 for 15 minutes of jumping, 310 jumps
Calories IN = 1080
Net Calories = 974

Coffee – ff milk, sf peppermint – 100

Sweet potato chips – 170- I LOVE LOVE LOVE these things :)
English muffin- 140
Strawberry jelly-50

Angel Hair pasta- 100-I decided that I don't really like the consistency of Angel Hair pasta!!!
Sauce- 150
Breadstick – 110
½ apple-50

2 cookies – 100? Homemade chocolate chip cookies, and I took smaller ones :))
Milk - 110

I'm a little worried about tomorrow's weigh-in. I haven't decided for sure, but I might have a couple of drinks tonight :)) And, I know that TOM is lurking around the corner...SIGH. Gonna go for a BIG run today to end off 2011!!!!!!

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