Monday, December 26, 2011


I have had one of the best Christmas holidays ever! The ONLY thing to have made it better...if Cody and his wife would have been home. But, I will be seeing them in April!!

So far I have worked out every single day this break EXCEPT Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve was actually our Christmas. Anywho, I had planned on either dancing to our new Wii game, or doing some other sort of exercise, but my tooth pain was OUT OF CONTROL. So, once the little one was dropped off, I slept.

But, I did work out yesterday and today! I am really proud of my exercise this break :))) I have also been eating well, though indulging some...sugar cookies :))

I did lose .2 this week.
So last week, 198.
This week 197.8.
Not a huge drop, but a drop nonetheless!!! And, I can't explain it, but I feel smaller. I feel stronger!

So, I am half-way through my break. We go back to school a week from tomorrow! Here's my list so far:
I have two weeks off, and I have some stuff I wanna do :))

1) Clean/organize our extra bedroom to set-up as an exercise and sewing room!(Still gotta do this one...this week!)I have several exercise goals!!

2) Ice skating - we have a date already with a group of friends! (Going this Friday!! WOO HOO)
3) Cross-country skiing- going tomorrow! This means so much to me :) I used to go ALL the time, and I have only gone once since I have lived here :( I am going with a big group of friends tomorrow, and I have my own stuff!! So glad I could find it all!I DID GO once already!! Gonna try and squeeze in one more!
4) Downhill skiing- I used to do this all the time, too. I am going to take our little one for a lesson, and to see if she likes it!! This one is not looking so promising because of the lack of snow!
5) Bowling- at least twice...we have two different bowling dates already set-up! We went bowlling on Thursday, and we are going later this week :) FUN!
6) Volleyball- We have a date set-up to have an open gym, and we are going to have a volleyball game as part of the activities!!

7) Sleigh ride- I REALLY want to go for a sleigh ride in Leavenworth! We used to do this every year back in the days that I lived there! NOT sure if this is going to happen...

8) Read two books- I have 6 next to my bed, and a gazillion on my Kindle! Finished one, half-way through another :)

9) Cook a new recipe - I could technically count making homemade ravioli!!!! But, I will try out a different new recipe :) GOTTA bunch of cooking planned for this week!

10) Start and finish at least one craft project I have bookmarked on Pinterest!! STILL need to get this going...I do have a plan!

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