Friday, December 9, 2011


Today was a good day :) I love Fridays!!!! Yes, I do.

After school today I decided to do a lot of walking to gather signatures for the Get Lit passport in Okanogan. It was fun seeing lots of friends and checking out some places I have never been before. It was cold, but that just made me walk faster :) Maybe I will win a prize--there are three, and several of the people told me that I was the only person for whom they have signed a passport! That could be good news come Monday!! We will see. What a fun way to exercise, though! I also stopped at several places and dropped off my little coupons for the free ham drawing!! FEELING LUCKY!!!

Busy weekend ahead, and I am super excited for the Princess Party tomorrow, and after that we are going to the all-you-can-eat crab feed, with an auction following. It's cool because it's a fundraiser for the fair, AND, we are going with our best friends! GOOD TIMES!

Water = 140 ounces!
Exercise- YUP!
Calories -YUP YUP!

Calories out- not sure...I walked for about 30 minutes total.
Calories in- 1182

Cottage cheese – 100
Coffee – 70

Pumpkin latte – 150
Tortilla – 50
Meat – 50
Cheese -50
Tomatoes, cabbage – 25
1 mandarin orange - 37
Peas – 25
L.C. cheese – 35

Chocolate covered cashews – 50

Rice, broccoli, meat – 350

Chips – 150
Salsa – 40


And, there ya have it :)

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