Thursday, December 1, 2011

Twice-a-day :)

Goals for today, REACHED!
Exercise- twice for a total of 27 minutes.
Water- hold on to your seat, 160 ounces!
1000- almost...Maybe I will eat an apple before bed, and then I would be there.

I started this morning off with exercise! WAHOO! It wasn't very long, but it was fun :) I did the Denise Austin 12 minute cardio workout. She has a dvd set up with six different 12-minute workouts, and you do a different one each day. I burned 102 calories in the workout, so that was awesome :) And, I just had tons of energy for the day!

I just finished the day with a 15 minutes of jumproping!
Another 125 calories burned.

Calories out = 227
Calories in= 966
NET Calories = 739

Breakfast bar-90
coffee- ff, sf white choc, sf gingerbread-70
4 chocolate covered cashews - 25

tortilla- 68
honey mustard- 20
lunch meat- 60
celery - 10
Laughing Cow French onion- 35

2 tortillas - 136
cheese- 100
ground spicy pork-3 ounces - 252
cabbage- 25

hot chocolate - 20
gingerbread marshmallows - 30

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