Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursday already?! ZOIKS!!

I started the day off with a headache. Pretty sure it was sinus, or maybe allergy-related. I was reading an article about how allergies can be terrible in the winter, and all sorts of reasons why!

I did two nice things for me today :) I just painted my toenails bright blue, and they look so pretty!! I also purchased a new duvet cover for our down comforter, and it came today. I got a KILLER deal, and it's on our bed right now, SO pretty, but still manly, too. I love my princess bed, and it's nice that it is western looking, too, because it fits Ricky, too!

Today I drove my mother-in-law to Wenatchee for a medical procedure. We had a great drive! We talked the whole way, and we are working hard on a cool project for in the spring :) I CAN'T WAIT!!!

I was really proud of myself because I brought all sorts of healthy snacks, and lots of water for the trip. She didn't feel well afterwards, so there was not temptation to go eat somewhere that wasn't good for us. I had already determined that I would make healthy choices, but in the end, I didn't even have to make a choice!

It was a good day, and a change of pace. I accomplished several things I needed to do, while I was waiting for her.

143 ounces of water
15 minutes of walking
Ate enough calories!

Calories IN- 1221
Calories OUT = 132
Net calories = 1089

Banana 110
Coffee , ff, sf choc /sf gingerbread- 70

Grapes 110
Peas – 35

Fruit bar-190

Chips (18) – 225
Salsa – 20
2 small tortillas-100
Cabbage- 20
Cheese- ¼ cup – 110
3 ounces ground beef - 231

So, today was a GOOD day :)) I hope your day was, too! And, even better...tomorrow is FRIDAY!!

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