Sunday, December 11, 2011


Let me first start by saying...that I now weigh under 200 pounds. I will NEVER again be in the 200s. NEVER. I can't remember when it was that I was under 200 pounds. I think it was when I first met Rick, so that would be 8 years ago this month!! This is such a huge deal to me. I can't believe that in mid-June I almost weight 250 pounds!!! WOW. No gimmicks, no drops, no dieting...just being healthy :))

I have so much to talk about today...

I had THE best run I have ever had :) I jogged/ran 3 straight miles before stopping to walk, and basically that was just stopping to walk up the KILLER HILL up Robinson Canyon. I ran 3 miles in 32 minutes!! That is the best I have ever done :) That's 10:39 per mile!!! It was awesome :)))

I almost didn't go running because it was so cold--right at 30 degrees. But, I read a great blog , which also had a great link to the Runner's World "What Should I Wear Tool":) I wore what it told me, and I WAS PERFECT on the entire walk/jog/run :)) And, once again I can say that I run much better when I have gum in my mouth! I also LOVE my i-pod, and it makes running so much easier. I am going to look into downloading a running play list. Of course, the other thing I love is my HRM!

OK, so a quick recap on Saturday and today:

Goals first!

Water - I only drank 60 ounces, so NO :(
Exercise - 30 minutes of walking!
Calories - Not totally sure because I don't know exactly how much crab I ate.

Calories in-??? Maybe 1000?
16 ounce coffee- 90
Veggies and fruit – carrots, cauliflower, honey dew melon at the Princess Party-200 calories?
CRAB-3 ounces = 94 calories- who knows how much. It really is hard to guess because you work and work and work and usually get only a little bit, LOL! Seriously, I did have some huge chunks of fresh crab, YUMMY! NO butter whatsoever.
1 cup of baked beans
1 slice of garlic bread
Hard cherry cider- 8 ounces - YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!

Calories out - 150 calories. PLUS, this does not count 5 hours of the Princess Party getting ready and running it :)) That HAD to be some serious calorie burning!!
Net Calories - Guessing around 850.

Water - YUP, I have already drank 100 ounces!
Exercise - KICKED BUTT!
Calories - Not sure if I will make it to 1000 today.

CALORIES IN- maybe 800?
Starbucks 16 ounce, FF, SF choc, SF Hazelnut - 90
handful of nuts - 100
Gonna have Ricky's soup tonight for dinner ;))) Not sure on the calories!

670 - from my walk/jog/run today!! WOO hoo :))

NET Calories - around 130 or so.

I am excited for my official weigh-in tomorrow! There ya have it!!!!!!!!!! Hope your weekend was AMAZING :))

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