Monday, December 19, 2011

Roller coaster day.................

Water- yes! Easy to do with the cross-country adventure!
Food- no...just not hungry :(
Exercise- 2 hours today!!! 120 minutes, WOO HOO!

2 things checked off the list of Trisha's Targets today!
1) Cross-country skiing
2) new recipe- OH MY GAWSH!! I made swiss chicken in the crockpot, and it was to die for YUMMY!!!

Calories in = 893
Calories out = 989
Net calories = -96

coffee with creamer - 30
poached egg with green tabasco -WHAT WOULD I DO WITHOUT MY HOT SAUCE?!? I love green, red, and even chipotle! - 71

I have found a new fruit bar that I love even more than the Orchard Fruit Bars with which I was all obsessed. SO yummy, organic, and I can't wait to try the brownie one!!
PURE bar- apple cinnamon bar - 200

ff, sf white choc, pumpkin 12 ounce latte- 120
chocolate covered espresso bean - 7

carrots - 15
1/2 apple - 40
swiss chicken (chicken breast, cream of mushroom soup, slice of swiss cheese, stuffing) - 380
peppermint patty - 30

It was a good day as far as my health goes :)

BUT, a sad day for my heart :(( When I returned from cross-country skiing, I came home to find out that we were putting our dog down :(( It was so sad. She definitely was suffering, and it was her time, but it doesn't make it easier. Telling our little one SUCKED :( She just wanted me to rock and rock and rock her. Then we got our pictures out, and told funny stories, and it was much better. The other three dogs are acting weird. They miss her, too. I know it's all the circle of life, but it's tough. Seeing my honey cry, that was so sad. He's such a strong man...I love him so much. GOOD-BYE Suzie Q. You were an INCREDIBLE dog, and we will miss you :(

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