Thursday, December 29, 2011


Today was a GREAT day :)) LOTS accomplished!

I drank all my water! YEAH, that's two days in a row!! WOO HOO :)

I exercised TWICE today...not once, ladies and gentlemen, but TWO TIMES! Yesireee.

I was a crazy cook today. I did a bunch of prep work for meals for January, which will be a busy month for me since it's the play!! I browned 8 pounds of beef, and put it in 2 pound bags in the freezer. I made a DELISH cabbage stew in the crockpot today. I am going to crockpot a bunch of chicken tomorrow, so I have it ready for several meals :) And, I bought a ham for $10!! Plus, I have stew meat and carne asada all ready to go, too! I am going to prep veggies tomorrow (for the stew and for snacks), so I REALLY feel ready for January! OH! And, I hard boiled 3 dozen eggs. So, I will make some egg salad for sandwiches, as well as we just like to eat HB eggs as snacks.

What went in...

Coffee- 12 ounces of sf/ff- 90

Tuna fish with Miracle Whip - 80
Onion bun -150
Sweet potato chips – 170- I LOVE THESE THINGS!!!!!!

Cabbage soup- pork sausage, cabbage, tomatoes, mushrooms, V8, chicken broth, onions,(250) topped with croutons(30), sour cream (40) and cheese (110) - total- 430

almond granola bar - 160

Net CALORIES = 410

Run -3.1 miles – 34 minutes – 385 --first off, I decided to run the 5K route that I did back on October 1st. This was tougher than I expected!! I did great on the beginning which is flat, and then I made it half-way up the hill, when I finally decided that I could probably walk faster than I was "jogging" at that point! So, I walked half-way up the hill. Then I was able to jog until I got to Seattle Street, which I walked up, and then I jogged the rest of the way! I ended up with just under 11 minutes a mile! My goal is to be under 30 minutes (even if it's 29.57) next October. I was still really proud of myself :))

Open Gym- 40 minutes of play - 285 - I went to open gym, and I had a blast! I did the Hula hoop. I shot baskets and dribbled, and I also hit around a tennis ball against the wall. That was fun because it reminded me of how much I LOVE racquetball!! UGH. If the gym membership wasn't so dang expensive (especially when I have access to a free gym), and if I had a reliable RB partner, I would be SO tempted to join. Maybe I will do that in February, when the play is over.

Well, today was a good day!! I am excited for tomorrow :))))

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