Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thursday- a good day, indeed!

Water- CHECK!
Exercise- CHECK! Another 40 minutes :)
Calories - UM, a little under...but, to be fair, my tooth is very sore, and I don't really feel like eating much at all.

Today was a FUN day :) We made homemade sugar cookies- gingerbread men, Christmas trees and snowflakes! Then we got ready and went with our friends bowling and then to see the new Chipmunk movie! FUN day for sure!!

My moving today...
I did The Firm video, which I did burn a few more calories than when I did it two days ago. I did try harder today :)) I increased my intensity by adding in the hops! Plus, I do workout in 80 degree weather, inside my house...343 calories.

I also wore my HRM when we went bowling. First, I bowled a 138 and a 147, not too shabby for the fact that I haven't bowled in forever!! Altogether, I burned 298 calories in one hour of bowling. NOT TOO BAD :)

Calories IN = 885
Calories OUT = 641
Net Calories = 244

What did I eat today?

coffee with creamer - 30
mandarin orange - 45

shrimp - 110

2 sugar cookies- YUP! Not one, but TWO :)))- 200

Nachos - I had a couple bites at the bowling alley.- 150

1 piece of leftover pizza - 350

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