Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I just realized I didn't blog yesterday! I was totally into a book I am reading :) And, I also didn't feel so hot yesterday :( I had a weird episode when I was sleeping. Some time really early on Tuesday (I didn't look at the clock), I woke up with a racing heart. It freaked me out. I haven't been sleeping all that well, because my tooth hurts. Anyhow, I ended up sleeping in yesterday and then taking a two hour nap in the early afternoon. I did feel much better after that!!

I did go for a jog yesterday, and it was actually one of my best ever! I jogged down to Rick's job (4 miles from our house), and it was awesome, lots of downhill! It was sprinkling, and it was dark when I headed out--which I realized too late that I was wearing dark clothes...DUH! But, it was a good run. The best one yet!!

Let's see what else did I want to write about? OH YEAH...I have had a couple of people badger me about what I am doing. They truly don't believe I am just exercising and being as healthy as I can be. FOR REAL. NOTHING ELSE. NO DIET. NO TRICKS.

I haven't blogged exactly what I have eaten for a few days. I can tell you this...the ONLY reason I didn't gain weight this last week is the extra exercise!! I did eat whatever I wanted, and here is just a glimpse. THOUGH I must say that I ate whatever I wanted, but I didn't how much of whatever I wanted that I normally might have back in the day. SO, I didn't have three helpings of prime rib.

Christmas time food consumed by me:
prime rib
slice of cheesecake - skinny slice, but scrumptious!
sugar cookies - I had two a day!!! Glad they are gone :)
tiramsu- again a small slice
a fried egg and some bacon

Also, during this break I ate:
some pizza from Papa Murphys
and a wee bit of some nachos went we went bowling--finished off our little one's leftovers :)

The bizarre thing to me...I went to the show twice, and I didn't want anything but water, and I didn't feel left out while my loved ones chomped down on the popcorn next to me. And, truly, if I had WANTED some, I would have eaten some.

I haven't eaten as much fruit and veggies as I should over break. And, I am struggling to drink my water quota. BUT, I am not overeating and snacking all day. I AM exercising. And, I am planning out what I will be doing this next month. I didn't have as big of a loss as I would've liked this past week, BUT I DIDN'T GAIN either! I am honest, and what you read is what you get.

I also find it amusing that people thing I am doing some quick diet scheme.'s been six months. THAT doesn't feel quick to me. It feels nice and steady, and I WILL WIN THIS RACE!!!

Finally to close out this rant...I think it's strange when people say, "You are so pretty since you have lost weight." REALLY?!? Part of me thinks that's so lame...I am the same person I have always been, but I realize that some of me was covered up in fat. I do feel guilty that it bothers me when people say that--I have had TWO people say this to me in the last two weeks--because I catch myself saying the same thing when I watch the Biggest Loser. When you see the end results show, compared to the beginning pictures, some of those people are SMOKING HOT! But, I wouldn't have said that about them when I first saw them on the first episode. Hmmmm...

BTW, later today I will be back to posting my food :)) I actually recorded yesterday's, too!

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