Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011--over and out!

Yesterday ROCKED! I had such a fun day...however, it started off a bit rocky. Come along with me, and you shall see.

First off the night before I stayed up reading until 2 a.m.!! I haven't done that in forever, but I was reading an EXCELLENT Nicholas Sparks book-- The Lucky One. I haven't been that into a book in a LONG time! I think it was probably the connection with the US Marine, but besides that, it was just such an easy book to read! LOVE IT!!

SO, now back to yesterday. FIRST, I woke up at 8 a.m. to help our little one with her hair, as she was going off to Wenatchee for a day with her daddy :) And, I had a hair appointment at 1 p.m. Once they left, I went back to sleep! YEAH, some extra sleep. WELL, then I woke up at 11 a.m., and I had a message from my hair lady that I had missed my appointment at 10 a.m. WHAT???? Oh, I wasn't a happy camper because the main reason I stayed home and didn't go with the family to Wenatchee was because I had a hair appointment, but then here I was at home and I had missed my appointment :( Grrrr...I rescheduled, and thankfully she could still get me in to wax my eyebrows which were out of control!

After all of this, my MIL called me to ask me some advice about some wood, and if I could bring one of our trucks to help load some back. I WASN'T really in the mood to do this, but I figured I had nothing else to do, so...I grabbed a coffee and headed to the BIG barn burn pile! LET ME TELL YOU--we had a blast sifting through the remnants of this old barn. We found some of the COOLEST things ever :) We picked up some OUTSTANDING barn wood for signs and picture frames and whatnot, and a few other special treasures, too! We are going to have a booth at the Vintage Faire(my VERY good friend is one of the ladies who makes this event happen!) this year, and I am so excited about some of the things we are doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After we junked the heck out of the pile, we decided to go down to the Farm Shed in Okanogan! I love the people who own the place, and I love love love the stuff in there, and lots of it is also inspiring!!

After that we finished our little excursion with a lunch at the Breadline! One of my FAVORITE spots on the planet--yes, not just in my little home town, but rather this lovely orb we live upon--to eat! I have made myself a deal about a year ago, that I would try something new EVERY time I go there, and I keep on doing that! Yeah, me! So, I had a Chelan which is a salmon and shrimp sandwich on a French hoagie with wasabi butter. Yummy. Though, I wouldn't list it in my top 5 lunch favorites, but it would make the top 10 list :)

I went home and got ready for our evening! We went to our best friends'--the Lockwoods-- house, which we have done EVERY year since I first started visiting here (yes, even before I moved here!). We had fun!!! We always do. I think it's so awesome when both the husbands AND the wives all get along!!! We love them, they love us, and we ALWAYS have a good time together. We added bowling to the list this year, but the Lockwoods didn't go with us :(( Lorri was feeling sicky icky, so they stayed home and we headed down to the bowling alley.

WE HAD A BLAST bowling!!! It was Ricky and me, and our little one, and then Rick's oldest daughter, her hubs and two of her kiddos (one of the grandkiddos was over in Spokane), and then one extra little friend. First off, I kicked bowling butt!!!! We bowled four games, and the adults bowled against each other. I did suck for one game...didn't even get 100?!?! But, I dominated in the other three games. I had a 158, 134, 94, and a 177!!! WOO HOO on the 177 :)) The little ones all had fun bouncing between bowling, eating all-you-can-eat nachos, chowing on candy, playing games in the video room, and just dancing like maniacs. I seriously had SO much fun. I laughed a ton, and of course Ricky was a source of constant entertainment :) His bowling antics are quite silly!! We decided that we want this to be a yearly tradition. Take the grandkids, any of our kids around, and even their friends and just bowl and play and dance and ring in the new year!!

My day started off a bit rocky, but I decided to let it go, and my day was WAY better than if the original plan had stuck to itself. I tell myself all the time that you gotta go with the flow, and that EVERYTHING happens for a reason, so just roll with it :) And, the last day of 2011 certainly reminded me of this lesson! I love how the last day of this year was AWESOME--it symbolizes 2011 and the hope for an even better 2012 :) That's a big 10-40!

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