Monday, January 2, 2012

Last day of vacay!

Today we did have a Girl Scouts meeting, which was a sledding party. I thought we weren't going to be able to sled, and figured we would be going for a hike, but thankfully there was enough snow, so the girls got to going sledding!! FUN :) And, my co-leader and I were able to plan out the rest of our year!! WAHOO!! We have some exciting and fun things to do in the next five months.

Goals for today:

I drank over 100 ounces of water!

I felt kinda cranky this afternoon because TOM should be here any day, and I had a terrible headache yesterday and then today I have this intense neck/shoulder knot that I always get during PMS time :(

I did get my exercise in...though it was later in the afternoon.

I didn't eat enough though :( Not hungry :(( I did eat veggies at dinner! And, I prepped veggies into snack bags, so they are ready to go for this week.

Meals are planned for the week, as is my exercise schedule! CHECK, check, CHECK!

Let's take a gander at today.

What went in...
Coffee with creamer- 30

Ham - 350
Yellow baked potato -100
Cottage cheese – 100
Fried onions- 35
Homemade honey mustard dressing – 20
Sour cream – 40

Calories IN = 700 calories
Calories OUT = 240
Net Calories = 460

What went out!
25 minutes of Denise Austin = Cardio Blast and Kickboxing Cardio - 240 calories - So, for this week I have 25 minutes out of 210.

I am proud of myself for exercising this afternoon because I really didn't want to! That makes two days in a row! Wooooooo hoo!

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