Sunday, January 1, 2012

1st day of 2012

Today was a good day :) We slept in, then we went to pick up more wood!! We were able to salvage enough wood to make a lean-to for my oldest step-daughter's horses!! And, that would be free, ladies and gents!! It was quite a workout, and a family affair :)

I decided to go for a run today, since I had not gone yesterday!! So, it was my first run of 2012!! I went a different route, and I ran 3 miles!! And, walked 2 miles, including back up Robinson Canyon! I had given myself a point I wanted to run to, and I did it NO PROBLEM! I am so freaking proud of myself :) I was thinking as I was running that I could remember back to the summer when I was trying to jog for a MINUTE, and it was HARD!!! Now, I can jog for over 25 minutes, no problem!!!!!! What a difference!!!! I love running/walking because I think about all sorts of things! I was thinking about how this is the LONGEST I have ever focused on my health, and now it doesn't even feel like a struggle anymore. It feels pretty natural. This year for Christmas I had a bunch of health-related items that I wanted--that's a first. One of my most favorite things that I got is a pair of earphones that are specifically made for running!! They rock my world, literally and figuratively!

I have all sorts of exercise plans for the next few months, too. With my biggest excitement being the half-marathon on April 21st! I am even considering and thinking about joining the club. I would only do that for the group exercise classes, and especially the RACQUETBALL, and I am kinda considering the physique challenge, which I would start in February, since the January flight would be crazy with my play!! But, February is much more MELLOW for me :) We will see. Still undecided about that!

Now for the daily update!
Water,YES!! 96 ounces as I am typing this, so I know I will be over 100 by the end of the night!!

Calories IN = 1267
Calories OUT = 662
Net calories = 605

What I ate...
4 cookies – they are my nemesis! LOL - 360- I had been guessing 100 calories a cookie, but did finally figure out they are 90!!
Milk – 110

HB Egg – 74

One pizza of taco pizza – small piece – 400- this is a HIGH guesstimate!
Nuts – 50
Tortilla – 68-I LOVE THESE THINGS!SOOOOO low on the calories, but they taste sooo delish :)

Carne picada-165 - 3 ounces
Sour cream - 40

EXERCISE-5 mile run/walk! It was awesome :))) I am so thankful to be able to run outside!!!

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