Sunday, January 1, 2012

Making the most of it!

I had a couple of things I was hoping to accomplish during my two weeks off :) And, I didn't do too shabby!!!

1) Clean/organize our extra bedroom to set-up as an exercise and sewing room! OOPS!This one fell off the radar, but it's still something that I will need to do!!!! I don't know if it will happen in January or not with the play happening.

2) Ice skating - We had a date, but the CRAZY warm weather (50+ degrees) closed down the outdoor rink. I hope we can still go some time this year...

3) Cross-country skiing- I did go cross-country skiing, and it was a BLAST! I want to go at least one more time up in the mountains! I would love it if we had snow down here, because I would do it in our pasture. We will just have to wait and see. The biggest thing is that I also enjoy the ability to run outside, which I can only do because of the no snow.

4) Downhill skiing- See #2!!! Yup, ski hill is not open :( If it does open this next month, I DEFINITELY want to go, and take our little one :)

5) Bowling- We did go twice!!!!!!!!!! I forgot how much I love bowling :)) Definitely need to keep this going--at least once a month!

6) Volleyball- I did not play volleyball at the open gym, but I did have fun PLAYING! I love how just being active is what I want to do :)))

7) Sleigh ride- THIS is on our list of what we hoped to do next year!!!

8) Read two books- I finished two books!!! I read an outstanding biography on Benedict Arnold, and then I read The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks. This does not, of course, count the kid books that I have read with our little one on our new Kindle Fires (yes, we both got one for Christmas!!!!)

9) Cook a new recipe - THIS ended up being AWESOME!!! New recipes I made over break: homemade ravioli--I LOVE MAKING MY OWN PASTA!!! Makes me want to get a pasta cutter machine!!! I also cooked swiss mushroom chicken in the crockpot, which I had never made before :) But, the big, AMAZING, splendid, WONDROUS cooking for that I prepped for 15 meals! I have cooked chicken, hamburger meat, stew meat, bbq pork, ravioli in my freezer, and a big batch of hard boiled eggs in the fridge. I do want to also prep some veggies tomorrow, so I am ready for snacks when school starts.

10) Start and finish at least one craft project I have bookmarked on Pinterest!! I did not start and finish one of my projects on Pinterest, though I did do a different project for our Vintage Faire booth, as related to the barnwood we collected and a couple of signs already made! I MAY get the one project I wanted to finish from Pinterest done tomorrow. We will see...kinda a busy day tomorrow!

So, I didn't finish everything that I had on my list, but holy smokes, I did accomplish quite a bit!!!!! I had a FANTASTIC break :))

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