Saturday, January 14, 2012



I did get up early and do my workout!! I am so proud of myself for being consistent with this!! I am starting to feel like I can feel a difference in my muscles in my arms...I don't know that you can see it yet, but I can definitely FEEL it!

We drove over and picked up my Mama and baby sis!! I was so excited to see them!!! They were hysterical commenting on my weight loss. They haven't seen me since right when I started this journey. We had such a blast, so much laughing and talking :) Ricky and Lacy are so funny together! I can't wait to go visit them on Spring Break!! I will see them this week, too, but it will be fun when I go in April, and I don't have to work. Plus, I will get to see Cody and his wife!

We stopped in Airway Heights for lunch at Quiznos, and one of my favorite students, who graduated last year, was working there!! SHE GUSHED about my weight loss. Then when we got to Omak, and I took my Mama and baby sis to Wal*Mart to pick up a few things they needed, and I ran into another one of my favorite cheerleaders EVER, and her parents, and they asked how much I have lost and told me how great I looked!! I had actually seen them back in November, so that's cool that it is noticeable to them now. WOW...that's a lot of people in one day!!!!!

Another great thing about the trip over, I was able to plan out my meals for the next TWO weeks, and even write my grocery list. I also did my detailed lesson planning for school for the next three weeks! YAHOO :) I do have lesson plans that I have figured out through the rest of the year, but I usually do a week or two at a time for the detailed bits, so I feel really ahead of things. I also did some stuff I needed to do related to the play. YEAH!

Oh, by the way, TOTALLY OFF TOPIC, but I haven't mentioned it before, but I love my George Foreman grill!!! Tonight I did hamburgers on it, and it's so fast, and it also takes ALL the grease away. We do bbq in the winter, but my little GF grill is quick and easy :) I also like to use it for our sausages--chicken, of course!

The Firm DAY 12 :)
Veggies/fruits- 6.5 (not counting the baked beans)
Water- 118- 1 cup of tea
Ate enough calories!

I did pack snacks for the trip!!

Coffee- 16 ounce – 125
Banana - 110

Small veggie sandwich at Quiznos- 230

Carrots – 20
Celery – 20
LC Cheese- 35

Gala apple –74
½ pear – 50
Whole wheat bun- 180
Hamburger meat ** - 3 ounces - 164 -- So, we just got 100 pounds of hamburger from my fellow teacher. We always buy from him, and it's the BEST hamburger meat I have ever eaten, even including when we raised our own beef!! He is very into what and how he raises his beef. ANYWHO, it's cool because there is VERY little fat!!
BBQ sauce, honey mustard, lettuce, onion - 50
Beans- 160

Smoothie - 150

Net calories = 998

Workout- 320
110 total sit-ups - 50

Today was FANTASTIC :))

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