Sunday, January 1, 2012

HELLO, twenty-12!

OK, here we have the 1-1-12 post, ya know, the one about plans, goals, dreams, etc.

I feel responsible for some reflection, too.

2010 was a mediocre year, so 2011 was a BIG improvement, and I feel like 2012 is going to be EVEN BETTER! WAHOO!

I am proud of the things I accomplished in 2011. In particular, my health focus :) I lost 46 pounds in 2011. So, one of my goals...during this 366 days (yup, leap year) I want to lose an additional 54 pounds, for a total of 100 pounds. I am giving myself the entire year to reach this goal. And, folks, I am going to do it! This will be the year!! YUP, yup!

I want to continue my focus of eating healthy and exercising!

I want to run at least two half-marathons. One to simply finish, and a second one to improve on time! I am not making it a goal, but I am seriously considering a full marathon in December--Rock and Roll on the Strip in Vegas! We will see...that could be my second half-marathon, who knows?!

I would like to do some other exercise that I love this year, too! I would like to play racquetball, go HIKING, more bowling, swimming when summer comes around, maybe even join the gym again, which directly relates to my racquetball desires (see my earlier post)

I totally plan on continuing my food journal every day! And, I feel that my weekly goals really worked for me this last year! This makes goals so much more DOABLE!

So my weekly goals for this week are:
*eat more fruits and veggies this week!
*exercise 210 minutes a week- which is 30 minutes a day, but I realize some days might not be 30 minutes, but other days I will be able to do more, so it should all balance out! I want to have at least 15 minutes a day!!!!!!!
*100 ounces of water a day
*1000 calories eating a day

I also plan to keep my thankful blog going, too! Staying positive the past two months has really made an amazing difference in my life :) So, a year of that...I know will only make life THAT much better!

10 Random Things I WANNA Do In 2012:
1) Go to Vegas at least once for the year, maybe twice :)
2) Go white river rafting! I haven't done that in forever, and I love it! I think I found my adrenaline bug again after going ziplining in 2011, not one time, but twice!!
3) Have a booth at Vintage Faire.
4) Work on my novel.
5) Ride motorcycles to Mount Rushmore!
6) Plan out and organize a MAJOR grocery shopping trip--probably to Albertsons in Wenatchee, since they will double coupons and accept all other grocery store sales-- in which I save 80% of at least a $300 total order!
7) Empty my storage unit.
8) Organize the extra bedroom, so it can be an exercise and sewing room.
9) Have at least one yard sale!
10) Try out a new recipe a month.

As you can see, I have some plans for 2012! LOOK out, and keep reading to see what transpires, what changes, what evolves into this crazy life transformation called ME!

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