Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sometimes crying just makes it better...

WOW! So, today we had Rachel's Challenge at our school. It was VERY emotional. I am in a hurry, as we are going out for date night to see War Horse--I hear I need to bring tissues--so, I promise to write more about Rachel's Challenge. IT'S SO POSITIVE, and effects all aspects of our lives!!

So, in case I don't blog again's my stats for the day :D

Calories IN = 1070
Calories OUT = 320
Net Calories = 750

100 ounces of water
2 cups of tea- Yerba matte and Oolong!

I would say 6 servings of veggies/fruits.

The Firm –day 9! Boy, what a difference it makes to exercise in the morning!!
80 sit-ups

Cottage cheese garlic, pepper and GREEN tabasco-100
Coffee- 90


White albacore tuna- 100
Miracle Whip – 40
Cucumbers – 20-with green Tabasco, garlic, pepper
Celery – 20
LC Cheese- 35

Mandarin orange - 45
Carrots- 20
Sucker - 40

Footlong veggie sub on wheat – 460
Nuts - 100
Total = 1070

So, though I cried today, it was good. And, even though I will probably cry again tonight at the movie, it's still been a good day. Sometimes crying REALLY does just make it better...

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