Monday, January 16, 2012

Another good day!

So, first today I did my workout! YEAH!! Then we got ready and headed down to run a few errands, before heading to drama rehearsal. Today we ran our show from 1-6:30 p.m. It seems like a long day, but in the end, it was a blast :)

We spent the beginning of the rehearsal getting costumes on--trust me, the energy is NUTS! We took cast pictures, and then ran the show in costume, so the kiddos could get a feel for how they could move and whatnot. It's all really coming together. And, we had a huge potluck of snacks, and finally we had a YUMMY cast dinner. We are on big family :) I love the dinner times for us!

My goals:
*I ate 7 veggies/fruits. CHECK
*4 servings of calcium. Approx. 47 grams of protein.
*Last night I started and tonight I will take: A multi-vitamin for women, a fish oil, flax, and borage capsule, and a B-Super Complex.
*I exercised finishing the 14th time of The Firm. And, I did 65 sit-ups this morning and this evening!
*I drank 116 ounces. NO tea.

Calories IN = 1260
Calories OUT = 340
Net calories = 920

banana - 110
coffee- 16 ounces - 125

Mandarin orange - 45
celery- 20
LC Cheese - 35
carrots - 25

taco salad- hamburger meat, salad, sour cream, cheese, tomatoes - 300

1 chocolate chip cookie- 90
1 brownie- 100

salsa- 40
chips - 170
1 cup of milk - 100

apple -100

OUT - The Firm and 130 sit-ups :)

Tomorrow will be an early morning! Getting up to do the aerobics! Lunches are already packed, clothes already set out, both for workout and school! BRING IT ON!

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