Friday, January 13, 2012

FRIDAY the 13th!!

Today was an odd energy day. Up and down, up and down. I started the morning off spilling my water--all 24 ounces :( But, I cleaned that up, and then had an awesome workout :)) The day proceeded as such. I heard some not good news from a friend. Rick was sick, but then school was fun and good. You get the picture. SO, I give this Friday the 13th all solid 7. The highlight of my day: definitely our little one coming home. I love those Friday nights!!

Here's the day's calories and goals in review:

120 ounces of water-no tea today because I had a second latte :)
6 servings of fruits/veggies
The Firm -45 minutes- 320 calories - 11th day in a row! Oooh rah!
50 sit-ups this morning and this evening! I can't wait until I am up to 100 in the morning and another in the afternoon.

CALORIES in = 1522
CALORIES out = 345
Net Calories = 1177

Here's what I ate:
cottage cheese- lime juice, garlic and pepper- 100
coffee- 125- 16 ounces

coffee- 75- only drank half of it!

pear- 110
cukes in honey mustard - 45
celery -20
LC Cheese-35
fish- 120- gotta love leftovers :)

Mandarin orange - 45
carrots -20
LC Cheese - 35

Chicken artichoke bacon deelite Papa Murphys pizza- 198 per slice x 4 = 792 - And, yes, I knew what I was doing. I ate two pieces, and then had another two much later.

That would be it. I'm pooped! Going to bed early, big day tomorrow!!

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