Wednesday, October 17, 2007

WHAT a FuN day!!

     I had so much fun today! The kids were all excited, and our school was so colorful!
     I love it when new traditions start, and they are SUPER successful! The volleyball and football games were a HUGE hit!
     Go SOPHOMORE boys for dominating and taking first in Macho Volleyball. I was proud as an advisor, and even more as a MOM, when Jordie served for 12 straight points!
     All the boys from all the grades played well, and the same with the girls (SENIORS won) in football!
     I just love all of the creativity of this week. Again, the sophomores have topped my list with two of their ideas!
     First, their shirts say OXYMORON to the tenth power. This is clever and witty, as they are the class of 10 and they are sophomores (thus the tenth power), and then sophomore derives from Greek, meaning WISE FOOL, definitely an oxymoron!! Very fun!
     Then some of the sophomore girls dressed up for famous pair day. This was supposed to be like Brad and Angelina, Salt and Pepper, Bonnie and Clyde, etc.
     Well, these girls came as PEARS!!!! LOL!!!! I love my job!!
     So, to explain the pic...I corralled my hair into a tie dye bandana, and sported my sophomore shirt to show some love to my class during the activities tonight!

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