Friday, October 26, 2007

What day is it?

     It feels like I have lived a month in one week! Seriously, when I look back to this week...SIGH.
     We know that last week was Homecoming...ending with the dance on Saturday night. (BUSY)
     Let's take a look at since then. Sunday I drove to Wenatchee and flew to Seattle, and then my sister came and visited with me at the hotel. We sat in the sauna (very relaxing) and trotted down memory lane :)
     Monday and Tuesday I spent working at a conference. I sit on a statewide writing assessment team of teachers, administrators, TOSAS, instructional coaches, etc. We work hard, and I learn tons, which enables me to be a better teacher.
     Then, Tuesday I flew back to Wenatchee and drove home to Oak Town. Long day.
     Wednesday was a somewhat normal day, as normal as it can be after being gone from the classroom for two days. It always feels like I play catch-up all day!
     Thursday...we left right after school last night to head to the football game in Leavenworth. This was a fun trip, as we stopped on the way at Starbucks!
      We returned home last night at around 11:30. The cheerleader bus made it home much earlier than the football team bus, so I was glad to be home as early as we were.
     The trip to Leavenworth is always one of mixed feelings. The field we played on last night is our old home field. Cody played his middle school through freshmen years of football there.
     Even more special to me is that our old house sits right next to the football field, right on the river.
     I saw my best friends last night and their kiddos. SIGH. I miss them all so much. It's pretty amazing how you can go for long periods of time of not seeing people you love, and then when you do finally see them, it's like there was never any absence.
      Now with football season over, I plan on going back up to L-town for a weekend visit, probably some time in December (considering how much is going on in the next couple of weeks). I can't wait.
     Fall, football, friends...Friday.

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