Tuesday, October 16, 2007

On a roll...

     Something to think about...
     On Sunday night Rick and I watched Evan Almighty for the first time; we missed it in the theaters.
     We both love the two main actors, Morgan Freeman and Steve Carell, and we both love comedy movies.
     Although the plot was ridiculously predictable, I still enjoyed watching the movie and listening to all of the messages.
     My favorite lesson from the entire movie is when God (played by Morgan) tells Ethan/Moses that when someone asks him (God) for courage, he does not give that person courage, but rather he gives that person an opportunity to be courageous.
     He went on to also use the example of patience. Rather than bestowing patience, he creates a situation in which the person asking can then show his/her patience.
     I loved the idea of this. Regardless of your beliefs, you can still understand that when your life lesson is let's say...PATIENCE, that you will then be given many opportunities in this life to practice and work on patience.
     I can relate to this entirely. I know that my two life lessons in life right now are 1) PATIENCE, and 2) You can't please everyone, so you need to do what you believe in your heart to be right.
     And, it certainly feels that in the last six months, I have been given AMPLE opportunities to practice those! Sometimes those are HARD lessons to learn :)

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