Monday, October 22, 2007

Just how ya see it!

     The weekend felt like a whirlwind, and it just zipped by, at least to me. The funny thing is that Jordie feels like it was a really (albeit good) LONG weekend.
     This was the first year in four that Rick and I didn't go to the Loup Loup ski auction. We even had tickets given to us, but we normally go with our good friends every year, and they had HOMECOMING central at their house, so we all decided to not go this year.
     It actually ended up being a nice break in what would've been an even more hectic weekend.
     Last night my baby sister and I hooked up, and we had such a SUPER time!! We laughed and laughed and told cute stories about my boys when they were little.
     That reminds me! I had no idea that there is some reality show about findng the next Elvira. I happened to catch a bit of it, and it is not something even me, MS. Queen Reality, will watch again.
     But, now here is the sister dressed my boys and their friend up when they were very little. Cody was dressed as Elvira, dress and make-up and all!! LOL
     Speaking of Cody, I read an interesting quotation yesterday (sorry, I can't remember who said it). "War is God's way of teaching us geography." That made me go: Hmmmmmm...
     Regardless of your faith and belief, the gist of this quotation is so true. To even know where Qatar is, would we if it wasn't for the war? Hmmmmm.
     Enough of that heavy stuff. So, even though my weekend felt like a blink, it was a good one! Happy Monday!

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