Monday, October 29, 2007

This weekend was a TREAT!

     Sleepy, dreamy, relaxed. Could it be? Yup, that's me the past couple of days!
     Friday was spent not knowing what to kids, no Friday night football.
     Rick and I invited a friend over and we BBQed and watched a movie on tv and then one we rented. It was nice and relaxed (and warm, especially compared to football games!).
     Saturday and Sunday were all about sleeping in!! How nice, what a TREAT!
     Both days were pretty lazy, too. Saturday Rick went to run boats, and I didn't go for two reasons.
     First, I wanted to go to my step-daughter's preschool carnival, both to see her and take pictures for the yearbook we are making for them.
     And, as silly as this sounds, I know Cody will be calling soon, and I don't want to miss his phone call because I am in a place that doesn't have cell service!
     Unfortunately he did not call :( I imagine it will happen some time this week, hopefully, but the bright side of things is that I will be seeing him one week from tomorrow!
     We are leaving this Saturday for San Diego, and I can't believe it's HERE!
     Back to our lazy Sunday, we hung out at my house with a nice fire going, and I made my yummy chicken noodle soup (seems to be a once a month Sunday dinner).
     It was just so nice and relaxing and LAZY.
     Then this morning I went for a walk!! It was SUPER cold, but very refreshing! I like it!
     I know this will be a good week, somewhat hectic, but I am recharged from the weekend and ready to go!

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