Thursday, November 8, 2007

We're BACK!

     What a whirlwind of a week it has been! I will have to post several blogs today just to catch you up on everything!!!!
     I don't even know where to begin. Let's see...I could go from importance (seeing Cody for the FIRST time!!) or chronologically. That's probably easiest, and will help keep me on track and not all random!
     We left on Saturday for Spokane to fly out. First, I must say that flying out of Spokane was SUPER!!! We had no wait through security, the airport is small, the price was cheaper than flying out of Seattle, and it was a non-stop flight. EXCELLENT experience.
     Since we arrived in Spokane SOOOOO early, we went down and played at Riverfront Park. We have done that before, but we really had a good time.
     We rode on the carousel (which I used to do every Sunday when I was my step-daughter's age), and I even rode on it again. She loved it when I caught the rings!!
     I love that park! We played on the big wagon slide, checked out all the geese, walked over the bridges above the falls, just relaxed.

     After a couple of hours there, we headed to the airport and then down to San Diego. We still were super early, so we were a bit goofy at the airport!

     Sunday we went to the ocean in the morning, which was really fun! All the surfers were fun to watch, and we found seashells and even a sand dollar. Considering how many people were at the beach, that was surprising.

     Off to Sea World we went!! I love that place! Our little one even went on all of the BIG rides! I couldn't believe it! She is definitely ready for Disney Land.
     Another major Sea World highlight was when Jordie touched a dolphin!!! Very cool!

     Monday we spent at the San Diego Zoo. We took the Skyfari (a giant gondola) up to the top of the park, and then we walked the rest of the park in one day! We saw absolutely everything.
     My favorite was the Meerkat exhibit. I love that show on Discovery. They had tiny babies...oh so cute! I enjoyed all the monkey, gorilla, and orangataun exhibits, too.

     That gets us through our tourist times in San Diego. The next blog will be all about our Marine experience!!!
     I am exhausted, but in a content way. I wish I would've worn a pedometer, as we REALLY clocked some miles in our walking shoes. And, we mostly ate well. I seriously feel like a lost weight on this vacation!
     The best part of our vacation was all of our family time...all of the laughing!! SIGH.

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