Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Snow, Thanksgiving, football and more football

     I love the snow. I love snuggling on the couch with the fire going, reading a book, drinking hot cocoa. I have had a few days like this lately. Lots of time to think.
     I don't, however, enjoy driving in the white stuff. I am a good driver, and with my studs on I feel even more comfortable.
     We had one of the best Thanksgiving celebrations ever! It was so nice to have our three kids there at Grandma's house. I feel very lucky to have Grandma Pat in our lives; she a surrogate, indeed.
     Following Thanksgiving, I drove Cody and his girlfriend down to meet his dad in Chelan for one last visit.
     Saturday we were all up and out early to first pick up the kids in Leavenworth and then head over to Seattle.
     We watched the Apple Cup (I was rooting for the Huskies!!!) on Saturday, spent lots of family time together, and ate yummy leftovers.
     Then Sunday we watched the Hawks barely beat the Rams. It was a fun weekend of football.
     Finally, the weekend came to a sad close. We had to leave Cody there to catch his airplane yesterday to return back to San Diego. It was VERY hard to say good-bye.
     And, now we don't know when we will hear from him, or see him next! SIGH
     On the health end of things...I have taken several morning walks, but I am really motivated to get a real routine going. I would like to look differently the next time I do see Cody. I KNOW, I know. That's what I wanted the last time.
     I definitely feel like I ate too much over the Turkey break, and now I don't want to slide down that fat hill through the holidays and on to G-ma's house.
     Right NOW is the time to say, "WHOA!"

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