Monday, December 3, 2007

Careful for what you wish...

     We had a great weekend!! Accomplished lots, and spent quality time with family and friends.
     I finally broke down and bought a fake tree. I am 36 years-old, and this is the first time I have had a fake one. I did it for all sorts of reasons.
     Most importantly, real trees bug my step-daughter's allergies. Then you have all the other stuff, making sure to water it, vacuuming up pine needles (or picking them out of your feet), disposing of them, hurting the environment, etc.
     I did buy a beautiful and fresh wreath from the Okanogan High School Music Boosters, so I do have the fresh tree fragrance, but without it being overwhelming. (By the way: They are selling them at the Food Depot along with real trees, which are a fundraiser for the sports programs.)
     So, back to my tree...I LOVE IT! It is soooo beautiful :)

     We had a blast decorating it, and it came with the lights already!! We tell all of the stories of each ornament, and my step-daughter just loves that part!!
     So, the halls have been officially decked! I especially love our Christmas countdown calendar!

     Yesterday, we spent the snowy evening with our friends Rich and Lorri. We had a yummy dinner (I made green bean bake and a delicious dessert - I will post recipes tomorrow!), and then we watched some television together.
     We are going over to their house again this Saturday to watch the big Hatton vs. Mayweather fight!
     I kept saying how I wished it would stop snowing...I love the snow, but not TONS of it! And, I kept wishing for a late start at school.
     And, then...that's what happened!! I did like the late start this morning. I had all sorts of good intentions (go exercise, run errands, etc.), but I just slept an extra two hours, which is just what I needed.
     BUT, I must say...I prefer the tons of snow to this slush. So, be careful for what you wish, indeed!!

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