Tuesday, December 4, 2007

What's on your list?

     It's the time of year where people write lists. I am a list person, mostly a "to do" list kinda gal.
     Today I am giving you a list of my favorite websites.
     www.m-w.com - This is an online dictionary, and in particular, I love to go to the word of the day section. I learn a new word at least once a week. Although I visit it daily, I often do know many of the definitions. I particularly like the etymology of each word. It's interesting to see from where a word originates. Today's word: rambunctious!
     www.zobmondo.com - I had a former student give me a Zobmondo book as a Christmas present, and I just love that book! It's a book of "would you rather" questions that REALLY make you think. For example, would you rather be perceived as intelligent or street smart?
     Or today's question: Would you rather, as a woman wear 4-inch high heels everdyday and everywhere OR go barefoot? I go with barefoot, although I know I wouldn't like to walk in the snow or the super hot ground, but I suppose eventually my feet would weather and make their own type of shoe out of tough skin. I just couldn't deal with high heels ALL the time!
     www.foodnetwork.com - I love this site, and I can access many of Rachael Ray's recipes (and lots of other people, too). I am going to have to go and check out something to make as a scrumptious appetizer for fight night this Saturday!
     http://weather.msn.com -Of course, every morning would not be complete without checking out the weather. I really am interested in the weather (and, I am not sure why). I have the site set-up with my weather and other areas of interest (where family and friends live).
     And, I usually check my e-mail, myspace, work e-mail, work on this blog, and I read the news online (www.omakchronicle.com, www.wenatcheeworld.com, www.nytimes.com, and sometimes www.usatoday.com).
     As of late, I have been reading up again on health and nutrition.
     There you have it...a list of sorts.

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